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Luto Game Gets Release Date for PS4 and PS5 in 2022

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Luto, a psychological horror game inspired by P.T., will be released in 2022 for Playstation 4 and Sony PlayStation 5 as well as for PC via Steam. The new release timeframe was released alongside a new teaser, which gives gamers a glance into the types of dangers they can encounter.

The indie horror made an appearance earlier this summer during Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain’s PlayStation Talents initiative. The aforementioned game is a Spain-based bird game. As seen in the most recent trailer, the title places users in the boots of a guy who is unable to leave his home and explores somber topics like bereavement and depression.

To top it off, the trailer’s narration is based on a series of psychiatrist testimonies from a 1959 documentary called “Faces of Depression.” A psychiatrist describes depression as “hell,” saying that “the worst part about hell isn’t the flames, it’s the hopelessness.” As the audio becomes further distorted, he says that this pessimism is “what a depressed person truly tastes.” Luto is described as a narrative journey where you will assume the character of a person who dreads leaving his home.

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While the first teaser did not provide much information, the current revelation provides us with additional details revealing Luto’s potential threats. In addition to anxiety and sadness being major causes, a mysterious creature appears to be stalking the hero in his own home. The darkly illuminated pathways look eerily similar to Hideo Kojima’s now-defunct P.T. demo. There’s also a recently discovered desert environment and some intriguing structures and murals that may allude to something a little elder.

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Luto’s Newly Revealed Game Features

  • Dynamic narrative environment.
  • Display of depression and anxiety through sadness and melancholy.
  •  Sensory, and Environmental Horror
  • The title explores various phobias (claustrophobia, monophobia, nyctophobia, agoraphobia…)

The final factor is particularly intriguing because it includes a variety of fears, including agoraphobia (the dread of being trapped in settings where escape is challenging) and nyctophobia (the dread of night or darkness). Based on the teaser, it appears that Luto will be dealing with a lot of these situations.

You can watch the trailer below-

Official Pictures Released By The Game

The title has also released some official pictures. Take a look at them!

Luto will be released in 2022 for the PS5, PS4, and PC via Steam. You can also add the title to your Steam wishlist right now.


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