Moon Knight Release Date, Trailer, Cast And Storyline

Marvel’s one of the most darkest and mysterious heroes is finally getting his time in the spotlight. According to speculations dating back as far as October 2020, Star Wars alum, Oscar Isaac has been confirmed to be the cult-favorite comic book character as Moon Knight. Actor Ethan Hawke has already been cast as the film’s unseen villain and May Calamawy will portray another significant role.

The filming began in Budapest in April 2021 and will wrap up in October 2021, making the series a reality. Disney has also released a video of the show as part of its Disney Plus Day celebrations, as the series’ development is now finished. The upcoming series will follow the plight of Marc Spector, an ex CIA operative who is rescued by the Moon God Khonshu during a mission gone wrong.

Eager to know more, well! here’s everything we know about the upcoming Moon Knight series.

Moon Knight Release Date

Moon Knight hasn’t been given a premiere date yet, but based on how production has evolved, it appears that the series will launch in 2022 at the earliest. On Disney Plus Day, the streaming mogul affirmed that the Moon Knight is “Coming Soon” before releasing the video from the show. However, fans are expecting it to premiere somewhere in 2022.

Moon Knight Trailer

The very first clip of the show Moon Knight was aired exclusively on the service as a part of Disney Plus Day. The footage showed Oscar Isaac as the protagonist struggled to distinguish between his dreams and his regular life. Looking worried in the bathroom mirror, we notice him among some Ancient Egyptian artifacts that are consistent with the character’s comic book lore.


Moon Knight is also shown in costume, but he is typically glimpsed from behind or sprinting across a nighttime cityscape. Fans will have to watch the clip-on Disney Plus before the site officially releases it to the general public.

However, Isaac’s production business Mad Gene Media has shared a training montage in the meantime. Uploaded in April 2021, the very same month Moon Knight began production, the footage shows Isaac practicing for the show’s fight scenes.

Moon Knight Cast

Having been connected to the role of Moon Knight since October 2020, Marvel has formally announced that Oscar Isaac will be taking on the mantle of Moon Knight. The bombshell was dropped via a tweet captioned “WE ARE MOON KNIGHT”, a nod to the character’s numerous personalities. In January 2021, the Dune and Inside Llewyn Davis star allegedly accepted the job, although Marvel did not disclose the casting until May.


As per Hollywood Reporter, Predestination alum, Ethan Hawke and May Calamawy will accompany Isaac in an unspecified villainous role. Jeremy Slater, who wrote Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, will lead the Moon Knight writing team.

He worked previously on Josh Trank’s ill-fated revival of the Fantastic Four, Netflix’s Death Note adaption, and the ill-fated Exorcist TV show. In October, Deadline claimed that Mohamed Diab would direct the film, however, Marvel Studios has yet to formally confirm this news.

What’s The Story of Moon Knight?

According to Moon Knight’s creators, the character’s plan isn’t as clear-cut as previously stated. So, if you’d want to follow along, here it is: In 1975, a mercenary-turned-boxer named Marc Spector first debuted as Moon Knight in a comic book. When he runs with Khonshu, the ancient Egyptian Moon god, he becomes something of an apprentice of sorts on Earth.

I think this is the most intriguing part: Spector suffers from dissociative identity disorder, therefore he assumes a variety of personalities and disguises while on the job. So, you can say Moon Knight is a hybrid of Batman and Split. This is also hinted at in the teaser, where Spector tells the audience that he can’t distinguish between “waking life” and “dreams.”

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