Netflix Series Lupin Part-3 Has Commenced Production

Hola! Binge-watchers, it’s in the papers, Netflix’s much-awaited french series Lupin will be making a third run. The news comes from the streaming giant itself confirming that Lupin Part-3 has commenced production. 

“Guess who’s back and ready to steal the show?” the streamer tweeted, alongside a photo of leading man Omar Sy smiling against a backdrop of the Paris skyline.

Has Lupin Season 3 Begun Filmed?

The third round of episodes for Netflix’s smash original series Lupin has begun filming. Omar Sy, who stars in the Netflix series, announced the news on Twitter, along with the platform’s official account.

The Netflix series features gentleman thief Assane Diop, who fashions himself after the legendary character from the Arsène Lupin novel (which likewise gave  Lupin III manga franchise). In 2021, Netflix aired the first two portions of the series, which rapidly became a huge success.

In an interview with NY, Times Sy remarked “If I were British, I would have said James Bond, but since I’m French, I said Lupin,” Omar continued “He’s playful, he’s clever, he steals, he’s surrounded by women. Plus, he’s a character who plays characters. For an actor, he’s the best. Honestly, it was just something you had to know, a part of the culture. Later on, I connected the dots between the books, the TV shows I saw as a kid, and some mangas. I became totally addicted by working on ‘Lupin.'”

“It’s the first time I play this kind of father, who has a lot of baggage and questions,” Sy continued. “I’m always interested in fatherhood. It’s not easy, and you don’t know whether you were a good dad or a bad one until your children are grown up… The idea of inheritance moves me — what do we retain and what do we pass on? For me, that’s the true meaning of life, what makes us human.”

Lupin Season 3 Premiere Date

Season one of the French series was released on January 1, and the second on June 11. Even if they covertly filmed all the episodes, the best-case scenario would be mid-2022, which would mean another January release for the first portion of the third installment.

Since we don’t know with certainty, this is only a hunch. Once we receive confirmation, we’ll update the page accordingly.

Lupin Part 3 Trailer

We don’t have a trailer for Lupin Part 3 but we do have something else and exciting. Here’s the behind the scene footage of the upcoming series.

Lupin Part 3 Cast

Lupin is packed with a fantastic ensemble and most of them are returning for Lupin Part 3.

  • Ludivine Sagnier is Claire
  • Antoine Gouy is Benjamin Ferel
  • Soufiane Guerrab is Youssef Guedira
  • Vincent Londez is Captain Romain
  • Shirine Boutella is Lieutenant Sofia
  • Omas Sy is Asan Diop

Lupin Season 3 Expected Plotline

Lupin Part 3 is still shrouded in mystery at this stage. To put it another way, if the central arc of the first 10 episodes is “moving on,” then a new enemy, a massive new heist, and a new emotional ride for Diop are all on the table for Part 3. Because of the show’s format, which heavily relies on flashbacks, fans should expect the new storyline to draw heavily on Diop’s turbulent history.

During a discussion with Variety Kay said that he wished to  “create a new adventure that will run forward from there and further unsettle Assane.” He also said Lupin Season 3 will again be taking place in the city of lights, Paris.

In addition to Lupin Season 3, the platform might be planning to helm a prequel or a spin-off series. Talking with Hollywood Reporter Kay told “think expansively” about other possibilities for the character and the show. After all, there are pages and pages of Lupin tales to draw from.”

If our hunch is right then January is going to be lit! Stay tuned with GeeksULTD for more updates.


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