New iPad Mini: Important Things that Apple Missed

The new rollout promises compatibility on more substantial premises. However, the vibe is suffering many setbacks, and here’s why. The new iPad mini looks like a small, metro-styled device, and it looks good. But we guess the name – Mini is just not about the looks alone. Let’s peek into it and discuss what those few things that Apple missed in the New iPad Mini are.

Things that Apple Missed In the New iPad Mini 2021

Just to establish the features, one model is a wi-fi model, and the other is the 5G variant. The internal structure of both is entirely different. And it would be too string to speak, but it must be a little issue with the component design that many of the users are complaining about the spot flickering issue on the top corners of the screen.

Now, the argument has turned into a discussion on Reddit where users are coming up with strange assumptions of why this must be happening. However, that’s just not all. There are a few more little too big points apparently missed by apple, and users feel bad about the new iPad Mini. 

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Where Is the Lightning?: USB-C in iPad Mini 6

Aren’t you just amazed, having the apple without the lightning cable? In all fairness, we feel obliged to share that there is no Magsafe, and that’s understandable. But it is quite rude to take away the lightning. Our phones don’t have the USB-C, so a new charging facility altogether. The chargers are now degraded to the USB-C, and why shouldn’t that be the news of the decade. 

new ipad mini

Pro-Motion issues? 

Screen refreshes from the side, and since it’s not the same frequency, you can catch the pixels struggling to shine. Now, this is one thing that shouldn’t have been a thing to even exist anywhere around the name of apple. But it is a fact that the screens are not having pro-motion smoothness of 120 Hz refresh rate. 

No Home Button?

Oh, and no home button! It’s quite adequate. The bezels look defining, but the feel of accessing the apple from the thumb should have to suffer as the cause of design improvements. And let’s say some start is adjusting to it. It would never be the same. 

Touch ID Sensor Not at the Same Place

Since there is no home button, where would the Touch ID be? Now, don’t panic. It does not vanish. It is just at a different place than before. Where is it, you ask? The Touch ID is at the power button mounted at the top. So, all in all, it could be a wholesome new experience. 

No Face ID?

Yep. Used to of it, right? The safety of your apple, upon which you felt like being on the good side of the matrix, will sacrifice. We are not entirely commenting upon the security features of the apple device. But having one like this just means a hindrance to the habit of experience. 

No Water-proofing? 

Nope, to some extent, a device that comes under Apple Care should at least mention the IP rating. Is it water resistible even? How could one know? And we are not taking ours inside the pool for this article, as it is not precisely comprised. 

No Mini Keyboard?

Oh, a big jinx? Whatever happened, apple. Your customers like to turn their iPads into the cutest little laptops that don’t exist, and that’s why we had the ‘magic’ keyboard. Sadly, there is none designed for the iPad Mini 6. 

We love apple, we love the iPad Mini, and we absolutely love the new bionic chip. The new Apple iPad Mini comes with the most amazing features and design. However, not everything is perfect and always has some room for improvement. So, this was our take on the things that Apple missed in the New iPad mini


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