OnePlus 10 Release Date, Leaks, Specs, & Rumors

The rumored OnePlus 9T has officially been dropped and now people are eagerly awaiting the OnePlus 10. The OnePlus 10 is predicted to debut in April 2022 as a protege to the impromptu OnePlus 9T. According to the sources, there isn’t going to be a T-series headset this year, so, likely, The smartphone mogul is solely focused on its upcoming OnePlus 10, which is expected to launch early next year.

Here’s what we know so far, based on the numerous rumors and conjectures that have surfaced online.

OnePlus 10 Release Date and Price

The OnePlus 9 landed on the market during March 2021, so recon that OnePlus will unveil its next best thing somewhere around March 2022. Also, since OnePlus does not sell its smartphones in Australia so if you’re hoping to get your hands on one of these babies then you’re out of luck.

The lowest-spec model of the OnePlus 9 line costs $729, while the highest-spec Pro model is priced at $1,069, thus the projected price range for the OnePlus 10 is most likely in between these two figures. However, new phones can shift prices in either direction, but since the OnePlus 10 isn’t a major revolution we don’t expect the price to scale much.

OnePlus 10 Specs, Design, and Camera

According to Pete Lau, both OnePlus and Oppo are joining forces and merging their operating systems to create a single OS, He also stated that the brand new Os will blend the burden-less experience and seamless interface of OxygenOS, with the rich and stable features of ‘ColorOS.’

OnePlus 9 model fits Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor which is deemed the latest and most advanced processor accessible during its production. If rumors are anything to go by, the upcoming OnePlus 10 will flaunt Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 processor since it’s rumored to debut in Snapdragon Tech Summit beginning on 30th November 2021. Rumors claim that these two gadgets will include 256GB storage and 12GB RAM.

For its design, fans predict the camera module on the back of the phone to be square. Its also expected that the front camera may be housed in a punched hole, to maintain the device’s elegant all-screen appearance. Rumour also claims that the OnePlus 10 is expected to boast a 6.55-inch display in addition to a 5000 mAh battery.

Since its predecessor boasts a 3 and 4 camera setup, the OnePlus 10 will likely have similar design cues. However, nothing is confirmed at this time, as these are just early rumors. According to @Panda’s Bald on Weibo, The OnePlus 10 Pro may include a 5x periscope zoom. This is a significant improvement over the previous model that only offered 3.3 optical zooms.

What do We need In the OnePlus 10?

Based on what we liked and didn’t from its predecessors, and what smartphone competitors are doing, we’ve put together this wish list for the upcoming OnePlus 10 series.

Wireless charging

No matter what phone you pick, the first and foremost option anybody would want is a super-fast wireless charger. It’s not much to demand more than a 15W wireless charger given the success of OnePlus.

Longer Telephoto range

Both Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and Samsung S21 Ultra have taken over the market with 10x telephoto cameras. It will be a major disappointment if OnePlus misses the mark in this area. Even With its best-in-class 3.3x zoom, we don’t think the OnePlus 9 Pro can rival some of the most well-known products on the market.

Better Battery

For long fans have urged OnePlus to incorporate a better battery and it appears as they have finally lent their ears. The rumors claim that the OnePlus 10 is expected to fit a humongous 5000mAh battery.


Though OnePlus has made significant advances in the quality of its camera, it still shies away from what Apple or Google offers. But we’re confident that OnePlus will keep up with the times and bring new camera features to the table, something that market can depend on.

So, that’s all we know about the upcoming OnePlus10 So, buckle up folks and get ready.


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