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OnePlus 10 Series May Come with 125W Fast Charging Support

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According to a well-known tipster, the OnePlus 10 Pro smartphone will include 125W fast charging capability when it launches next year. There’s no shortage of OnePlus 10-series leaks to be found online. The most important details concerning the company’s flagship models have now been made public. Earlier this year, Oppo unveiled its 125W rapid charging for smartphones. Using this new technology, cellphones can be fully charged in only twenty minutes or less.

The internet has been flooded with information on the handsets that will be using this technology in 2013. It has been revealed by a well-known leaker that the new 125W fast charging functionality would be available on several handsets next year. OnePlus fans will be happy to hear that an upcoming model from the Chinese electronics company is included in the list. In addition, the listing includes phones from other well-known brands like Realme and Oppo.

One Plus 10 Pro Is Expected To Support 125W Charging

Mukul Sharma, a well-known tipster, tweeted a screenshot earlier this week showing the names of new phones that will be able to charge at 125W. The list includes an Oppo N phone, a Realme GT 2 Pro, Oppo Find X4, and Reno 8 Pro. Sharma also posted images of the OnePlus 10 Pro in his post. According to both of these devices will be capable of offering increased charging capabilities.

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Oppo and OnePlus formed a joint venture this year while Realme is owned by the same tech corporation. So, it’s easy to see why Oppo’s Reno series of phones will be among the first to benefit from the new fast charging technology.

The OnePlus 10 Pro has always been the subject of numerous leaks in recent weeks. The OnePlus 10 Pro’s design was revealed earlier this month in the guise of design renders. OnePlus 10 Pro concept images have already shown off the phone’s massive display and amazing camera specifications.

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Creator Jermaine Smit (ConceptCreator) gave us a sneak peek at his vision for the smartphone in the above-mentioned concept renders. In addition, the renders also revealed the phone’s back panel. As if this wasn’t enough, the upcoming OnePlus 10 Pro’s specifications have been leaked already.

Fast Charging Continues To Amaze

Despite the stagnation of other smartphone features, charging speeds have improved steadily over the years. Most recent Xiaomi phones have a maximum output of 120W, and now Oppo’s upcoming devices may exceed them.

This super-fast charging works diving the battery into two distinct halves and charging each one of them separately. A myriad of safety measures are employed to eschew overheating and the risk of your smartphone bursting into flames.

There are still concerns regarding the long-term safety of phone batteries supporting super-quick charging. For the time being, it doesn’t seem that fast charging has a significant impact on battery life until users decide to upgrade to a newer model.


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