Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void Expansion Coming Q1 2022

According to Gearbox Publishing, Risk Of Rain 2’s second expansion, Survivors Of The Void, will be released in Q1 2022. New plot elements and more difficult tasks have been added to this new update by Hopoo Games. Once again, the battle is in your hands, as you may now march on the offensive and benefit from a slew of new tools.

Let’s hear more about survivors of the Void Expansion while we wait for a launch date.


Dark creatures call the Void their home. For countless millennia, their strength has risen in direct proportion to the size of their hordes of things, weapons, and superhuman beings. The Void Dimension’s aegis shields them from all harm.

Harbinger’s vision unites them as they mature. The Void’s power has been unleashed once the door to their planet was unlocked. Bring the crabs to their knees with the power of Void Items and 2 additional survivors!

New Content Coming in Survivors of the Void:

  • 2 new survivors
  • 9 New Monsters
  • 4 New Stages
  •  2 New Elite Types and 2 New Bosses
  • New Music
  • Additional fixes, improvements, and changes
  • The Simulacrum
  • 3 New Interactables ( kind of like chest, item containers, 3D printers, and Scrappers)

The Simulacrum is a wave-based battle mode that can be played solo or with a friend in multiplayer. The user can use any Artifacts they have unlocked throughout the game. If not, the model is a never-ending struggle to survive as the strength of the creatures grows. Every fifth wave has a boss battle in addition to the usual array of mutators and artifacts that can be activated at random.

A Void Potential is formed when a wave is completed, allowing the player to choose from one of three objects. Item crates as well as other items can also be found outside the safe zone, although doing so will result in you incurring damage. Following every boss fight, the safe zone will change allowing players to interact with crates.

“We have been talking through the idea of a wave-based game mode internally for a long time – since our initial Risk of Rain 1 Kickstarter! The Simulacrum is a perfect way for players who have a ton of hours into the main loop of the game to continue to play Risk 2, but with a new and exciting change. The Simulacrum can also be an easy entry point for RoR2 veterans to introduce the game to friends. Since we have been working on the Simulacrum, we find ourselves testing the new game mode just as much as the main game. It’s awesome how well it works with the systems we have set up in the game.” Paul Morse said in his statement.

Newcomers and experienced alike are likely to find it an exciting new addition to the game. Stay tuned with GeeksULTD for more updates.


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