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Samsung to Increase Production of Foldables in 2022

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As per the report by Alec, this year, Samsung plans to significantly boost the number of foldable phones it produces in anticipation of increased sales. The differences between Galaxy S, Z, and A-lines are quite peculiar, notably the models within each line.

For the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and the Z Fold4, the company plans to produce 6.9 million units each. The Z Flip3 was expected to sell 4 million units in 2021, while the Z Fold3 was expected to sell 3 million units. Because the larger Fold’s target market remains unchanged, the surge in production (and revenues) will come solely from the Flip, which is a much more affordable alternative.

While the number of foldable phones in Samsung’s flagship lineup grows, the S-series will continue to hold sway in that segment. There are expected to be 14 million Galaxy S22 phones, 11 million S22 Ultras, and 8 million S22+ phones.

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This series was expected to have 10,000,000 total units, 8,000,000 S21+, and 8,000,000 S21 Ultra. As of now, the S22 and S22 Ultra models are expected to see big increases in demand (up 4 million and 3 million, to between), while production for the Plus design is expected to remain the same.

While the Galaxy A53 is projected to be Samsung’s most-produced phone next year with 28 million units, the Galaxy A13 is slated to be second with 27 million units, and the A33 is anticipated to be third with 23 million.

As per the words of Alec, once the mass production kicks in, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series will be up for grand launch on January 5 at CES. 5.7 million Galaxy S22 FEs are expected to be manufactured in the second part of the year. Foldables will make for 20% of Samsung’s flagships in the year ahead, according to the company.

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The Galaxy S22 and S22+ models will debut early next year with a new approach from Samsung’s previous generations. The 10MP telephoto lens of the Galaxy S22 series will have a 3x optical zoom instead of the hybrid magnification of the S20/S21 era.

According to transpiring leaks, the dual 10-megapixel telephoto lens configuration on the Galaxy S21 Ultra is believed to be carried over to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. A periscope lens with a 10x optical zoom will be one of the lenses.

This is all the information we have right and we suggest to keep checking this page as we’ll update it as soon as any new leaks or news pops up. Meanwhile, why not check our other Galaxy series posts.


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