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Skate 2 Servers Are Shutting Down Next Month

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Pradyumna Srivastava
Pradyumna Srivastava
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So, we just came across this amazing news where Microsoft plans to add new titles to its Xbox’s Backwards Compatibility Program. And Skate 2 is one of them, this particular affair where Skate 2 Servers Are Shutting Down Next Month is becoming a sensation. EA Sports says that the decision to close the servers was not an easy one. Plus, that this decision is final and is taken with the utmost consideration. 

Skate 2 Severs Are Shutting Down Next Month

Why is EA Shutting Down Skate 2 Servers?

Mostly, if to consider, Skate 2 is a fairly old game. It was released twelve years ago and to maintain a server this old when its popularity is not among the giants becomes quite hard. As EA states, the total percentage of players about the peak of Skate 2 has reduced to one percent.

Just two days after the news, when players were fairly excited to finally have the game in backward compatibility for the Xbox, may disappoint a high number of Skate 2 fans. Although it is not like that everything is ending about Skate, Skate is working on new titles as well. The news was released via tweet reply to their fore tweet where they told about the Backwards Compatibility.

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The game would now be missing its online multilayer ad scoreboard, but for those who would still like to play it offline, it could. Likewise, the game’s Create-a-spot feature was rarely used and has been dormant yet since 2014, and not many players are playing anything online in Skate 2.

Skate 2 Servers Are Shutting Down Next Month

And as we told that Skate is working on something new; this could just be a marketing strategy to stay in the news for creating a swirl up and until the next title releases. Since the news rolled out just after Xbox declared its inclusion with the Backwards Compatibility, this might have been just the right time to hit the hammer.

Skate 2 Severs Are Shutting Down Next Month

The new title is likely to release within a year, and so what could have been the rush when the servers are already suffering for a long time. Anyways, this is just shared common sense, and most fans are talking about this.

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In all goodness, we do respect the decision, after all, because it is very rarely seen that after a comeback, the tough decision to cease its existence forever comes into play. So, stay tuned, and we hope the new titles come in strong and worth the hype this news is to bring in. 

Skate 2 Severs Are Shutting Down Next Month

Skate 2 Servers Are Shutting Down Next Month, and it’s not something which any of us would have expected within these two days after the big announcement from Xbox. Now, there’s nothing to do but get into the hype and stay updated about the new title release of Skates from EA. Furthermore, you can hit the comment box to connect to us or if you feel like you have something to share. 


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