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Skyline X Drone Review | Worth It?

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Pradyumna Srivastava
Pradyumna Srivastava
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In this Skyline X Drone Review- expect nothing but the bluntest of the truth from our view and experience. So, If you are here reading this, we are certain it is a need for a reliable quadcopter for your photography. With Instagram reels, the trend of @totouchanemu’s drone aerial video shoot got me addicted, and so it must have captured you. Tell you what we feel in your pain. There are just a lot of scams outside to even trust anything to be legit these days. And it is not just online, and you can go to a physical store, touch the product, agree to the handsome deal, and bring home a crappy product that just doesn’t work. As we told you, we feel you. 

Skyline X Drone Review

Skyline X Drone Design

Looks good. We are not going to lie. This piece really looks modern and is compact for most parts. The design is subtle, creative, and appealing. But, this is just the case, a perfect trap for a perfect scam, sometimes. But don’t worry, at least the Skyline X Drone is not a scam, after all. However, do not expect a robust hour-full of high-quality performance as this one is still a budget drone. It does what it does good for its price. You will read more about its performance in the section below. The design is made in such a way as to avoid any on-fly damage while hitting some branches or getting too low on the ground. The wings feel flexible, and you should decide if that is a good thing or not because it prevents damage to your beginner needs. In case you are a professional who would not settle for a lite-drone, you could skip and invest some more for a premium drone. 

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Skyline X Drone Review

Skyline X Drone Performance

For the price range, it flies for half an hour when on a full charge. What you could expect with good remote controls and skills is non-blurry, crisp video footage. Mind our words, the footage is crisp and not as sharp as 4K. Though the drone promises a 4K shoot, the images/footage do lack some sharpness, and the stabilized aspect is hidden with gaussian blur. Since the quality of the camera used is on-point, you do not have to settle for dumb images; however, you just have to compromise a little for the sharp part. Good for your Instagram needs but not the best choice if you need Ultra HD content for Youtube.

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Should I Buy Skyline X Drone?

There are always some offers going on with the sale of these drones. The drones are priced at $199 each, but since there is 50% off due to some reason, you can get it for less than a hundred bucks. Some more offers relating to the bulk purchase of 3 and 7 drones are on. Don’t forget to check it out. You will find the link below. 

Where to Buy Skyline X Drone? 

Skyline Drones are not available for offline purchase, and you can only get them from their official website. Click on this link to get your drone

Skyline X Drone Review

With this new awesome drop, expect some surprise for your beginner needs for a drone. In this product review- Skyline X Drone Review, you will discover all the truth you deserve to know. Comment below your queries and suggestions, if any.


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