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Super Crooks Season 2: Renewed or Canceled?

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I’m the guy you see dancing in the rain in the middle of the night. Pursuing my bachelor’s in literature, I love to read and write and I’m somewhat of a decent storyteller. A die-hard fan of Miyazaki and Murakami and my go-to quote is “The past is a foreign country, we do things differently there”.

At Netflix’s Tudum event, anticipation erupted when Super Crooks was unveiled. This was a new anime show, but it was also related to a universe similar to that of Jupiter’s Legacy, and it had a superhero alternate feel to it, making it even more exciting. I enjoyed Jupiter’s Legacy, I’ll be completely honest with you. Criticism was unfair, and Netflix pushed the cancel button too soon. In any case, returning to the subject matter at hand, Super Crooks received as much attention as Invincible did.

After mistakenly killing many of his classmates at school with his electric talents, Johnny Bolt lands himself in a SuperMax facility. With the help of convicts with superpowers, he becomes a member of the Justice League. Johnny is unable to abandon the criminal lifestyle, so he and his gang plan a massive theft. The narrative has a lot of potentials and is flavorful and adventurous.

So let’s dive deep into the Super Crooks fate.

Super Crooks Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?

Season 1 of Netflix’s ‘Super Crooks’ debuted on November 25, 2021. There are a total of thirteen episodes, each lasting between 20 and 30 minutes.

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As of this writing, Netflix management and show creators have not confirmed nor denied that the show would return for another season. The short-lived ‘Jupiter’s Legacy,’ which was modeled on Millar’s graphic novel with Peter Doherty, and Frank Quitely is positioned in the same universe as the anime. Prequel storylines are woven into most of season one before they finally meet up with the plot of the last four episodes.

In theory, ‘Super Crooks’ might be picked up for a second season if it achieves above-average ratings. Season 2 of ‘Super Crooks,’ if it is greenlit soon, will arrive in 2023, assuming it is greenlit.

Super Crooks Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

Season 1 begins right after the protagonist is released from SuperMax. Once they arrive at the Union of Justice’s offices, he and Kasey are confronted by the Heat’s mentor, who is plotting a theft at their location.

Ultimately, Johnny and Kasey decide to join the Heat’s gang. However, the squad is forced to scatter as things go wrong. When the Heat gets in serious trouble, they unwillingly reunite five years later.

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Super Crooks Previewed in Netflix TUDUM Anime Spotlight Teaser

Johnny and his gang rob $800 million off Matts in the season finale of season 1. Gladiator annihilates the Praetorian. Christopher Matts’ mind is being controlled by Kasey somewhere else.

Since it was too late at that point when he knows what happened, Matts executes everyone in Salamander’s team because everybody in Johnny’s crew wore duplicates of Salamander’s uniforms, and he believes they are guilty of thieving from him. The season comes to a close with Johnny popping the question to Kasey.

Matts will likely learn the truth about who robbed him in the future and go after Johnny and others in the upcoming season 2. The antagonist of a future season 2 could be someone entirely different. Some members of the team may need to get back together to work on the situation as a whole.

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