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What Is Black Friday And Why Is It Important?

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Pradyumna Srivastava
Pradyumna Srivastava
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Black Friday is the day right after ‘Thanksgiving.’ And for those who do not know- how the term got into being, one of the cooler facts about it is that the earliest evidence of the phrase Black Friday originated in Philadelphia. Mostly coined in 1961, where it was used by the police to describe the heavy pedestrian and traffic that would appear on the day after Thanksgiving. Not to confuse it with the ‘Good Friday’ because that is a religious day and the ‘Black Friday’ is the term for retail. 

What Is Black Friday?

People are generally excited about Black Friday as the day is engineered cleverly to increase the sales of the retails. Now, generally, earlier, the retails used to be offline, people went to the markets physically and thus rendering the streets non-commutable. Most of the shops used to get open exactly at the midnight and start their sales.

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So, the discount hungry public starts the morning inside a store. This could be seen even yet. But most of the deals have gone online. As online products have much more credibility and there are fewer chances of coming across buying something which is just derivatives and not the actual branded product. 

Also, as the sales expand on this day because of steep discounts offered to customers, the accountants use black notes to present a profit in their records while the red entries imply losses. The businessmen and gentlewomen heed tremendous concrete earnings this day that occurs in black entries that’s why it is known as the Black Friday.

Window Shopping has its benefits undeniably. Like now there are apps and extensions which would alert you as soon as the prices drop of the selected product.

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This is generally a good way of getting good deals but when it comes to it, imagine how much extra are we paying to these brands on regular days.

Even on a Black Friday sale, do you think companies and stores are giving out stuff at a loss or just even a base price without making any profit? Sounds lame much, doesn’t it?

We hope that with our article now you know- What Is Black Friday And Why Is It Important? And yes be ready to keep a keen eye as the sales begin. All queries and questions in your mind are welcome in the comment section below. 


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