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Who is Tim Paine’s wife Bonnie? Australia’s Test captain stepped down over scandal

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Even though Bonnie Maggs was aware of Tim Paine’s vulgar emails to female colleagues, she stood with him for the past three years. During the 2018 Cricket Australia investigation, Bonnie Paine was made aware of her partner’s indiscretion.

On Friday afternoon, 36-year-old cricketer resigned and profusely apologized for his actions at a news conference. His choice to go forward and resign as captain is widely considered to have been motivated by media outlets knowing about the investigation into his conduct in 2018.

Tim tendered his resignation at a press conference after Cricket Australia launched an investigation over Tim’s text messages with another woman. Tim and the woman exchanged communications in November 2017 while the 2017/18 Ashes series was in progress.

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The 36-year-old player resigned as captain effective immediately. Speaking to the media, Tim remarked-

“Nearly four years ago, I was involved in a text exchange with a then-colleague. At the time, the exchange was the subject of a thorough CA Integrity Unit investigation, throughout which I fully participated in and openly participated in. That investigation and a Cricket Tasmania HR investigation at the same time found that there had been no breach of the Cricket Australia Code of Conduct.

“Although exonerated, I deeply regretted this incident at the time, and still do today. I spoke to my wife and family at the time and am enormously grateful for their forgiveness and support.”

Paine continued “On reflection, my actions in 2017 do not meet the standard of an Australian cricket captain, or the wider community. I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and pain that I have caused to my wife, my family, and the other party.”

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“I’m sorry for any damage that this does to the reputation of our sport. And I believe that it is the right decision for me to stand down as captain, effective immediately. I do not want this to become an unwelcome disruption to the team ahead of what is a huge Ashes series.”


As per her Instagram Handle, Bonnie Paige is a registered nurse hailing from Hobart. With currently 51.5k followers on Instagram, she’s drawn a ton of attention on the social media platform. Bonnie shares a lot of pictures of herself and Tim and his family on Tim’s birthday and Father’s Day to express her love and support for him.

As evidenced by her social media posts, she has secured numerous endorsement deals and frequently publishes photos of events she has attended. Tim and Bonnie got hitched in 2016.


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