Battlefield 2042 Tips and Tricks to Know Before you Play

The developers of Battlefield 2042 are masters of pain. With 64 soldiers on the opposite squad, the battlegrounds are anarchic and brutal. In addition, tanks, helicopter gunships, or even a near-indestructible airship of doom could be involved. Thanks to our helpful Battlefield 2042 tips and tactics, you’ll be able to increase your chances of survival and efficiency on the battlefield.

Battlefield 2042 Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the greatest secrets and techniques that Battlefield 2042 doesn’t warn you about, so buckle up, and keep an eye on your long-range scope.

Battlefield 2042: 7 tips and tricks to dominate the opposition

Use armor

It’s good to have grenades or C5 explosives on hand, but it’s not a need. Other than that, what else is great? Living. In a situation where you and your opponent are both equally accurate and equipped, donning protection can make a huge difference. When you start slotting in your armor, you’ll see a noticeable increase in your kill/death ratio right away.

Swap your outfit to suit the map

Real-life soldiers are often camouflaged for this very reason. The contrary is true if you’re sprinting around a wasteland in snow gear. You can change your attire at any time throughout a match in Battlefield 2042, so take advantage of it. Make sure that you’re dressed appropriately for the weather by wearing tan clothing in the desert or meadow, green in the grasses, and dark clothing at night.

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Quick throw grenades

“Quick throw grenades” can be enabled in the settings menu and controller settings. The grenade will be thrown whenever you press up on the D-pad after you’ve completed this step. Using the D-pad instead of the shoulder button, you can toss or prepare grenades and ping using the D-pad instead of Ping (RB on Xbox). Making grenades easier to toss.

Go over to controller presets and select “Custom” to enable your new button configuration. Dice is expected to fix this issue in a future release, as this trick currently requires you to hurl both grenades at once.

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Set up your attachments properly

In Battlefield 2042, the advent of the plus system, which enables you to change out the attachment on the battlefield, is one of the best innovations. You do this right and you’ll end up creating a one-man army ( based on your skill of course). Each weapon has two additional load-outs, one for the innermost slot and one for the outermost slot.

Use the innermost slot for red dots, suppressors, and whatever else you want to put in there as a short-range weapon. With a long-range optic in the outer slot, you’ll be prepared for anything.

Loadout screen from Battlefield 2042.

Make use of that sidearm

In most shooters, pistols aren’t too important, but in Battlefield, they seem to be. It’s possible to rapidly finish off a foe by switching to your handgun instead of reloading after you’ve used up your ammo. A new magazine is a lot more quicker and effective than reloading an LMG.

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Use the PP-29

The PP-29 is yet another weapon that will cost you fights. For the time being, the SMG’s laser-beaming ability is unaffected by upcoming nerfs. For the vast majority of Battlefield 2042 players, it’s currently the finest all-around weapon.

Switch to a different ammo type if you’re running low on ammunition

As a last resort when you run out of ammunition, here’s one of the better tactics you can employ without needing to steal someone else’s guns from the grave. The rapid attachments switch menu allows you to switch from one ammo type to another if you run low on the one you’re currently using. You’ll likely have scooped up some from dead foes, allies, or ammo crates by the moment that’s gone.

Boris from Battlefield 2042 atop a tank.

Battlefield just came out and it’s already winning hearts. Have you played it yet? tell us about it. We’re all ears.


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