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BTS Fans Go Crazy After the Seoul 2022 Announcement: Reaction And Details

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Pradyumna Srivastava
Pradyumna Srivastava
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BTS has just announced their concert which will be held in Seoul. Don’t get too excited reading the title as BTS has named this concert “ Permission To Dance On Stage”. Home turf Seoul is going to be a special one for the boys and their fans. The tentative dates are in March 2022 . It was announced on their twitter handle when they wrote “ See you in Seoul, March 2022”. Well, the BTS army should get ready as they do not expect to stop here, they might be coming to your city soon.

While the internet is still flooded with videos from their recent Los Angeles concert, they are all set to give a banging performance soon. This one is going to be special for them and the fans as Seoul is their home. The attachment and bonding to their homeland might compel them to go greater bounds. 

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Fan’s Reaction On Seoul 2022 Announcement by BTS 

We are permitted to say that the BTS army went wild at the announcement. All of them figuring out a way if they can go to Seoul for the concert. I read many tweets saying they have started saving for a trip to Seoul just for watching BTS live. The crowd is going to be huge and crazy. They are all so pumped and excited after the Los Angeles concert that they want to see how grand this performance will be.

SEOUL 2022

BTS is hoping to tour around the world and they are off to a very very good start. Their fan base or the BTS army is just getting bigger by the second. All of them are thrilled to just have a glance at them singing on that stage. They want to keep seeing you and keep playing for you. They connected so well with the audience in LA and got them all mushy by the end. It felt as if the performance should never end. Well, BTS is continuing their series of killer performances and we are going to see them real soon singing in Seoul, their home. 


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