EMEA Game Changers 2022: everything we know so far

EMEA Game Changers 2022: everything we know so far is the article you need to read if you are into EMEA Game Changers. The 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour has concluded, with ‘Acend’ being crowned the inaugural VALORANT Champions, but fans already have a lot to look forward to in 2022.

The Union of the Middle East and Africa will hold a Game Changers circuit for all VALORANT women’s teams in 2022. There are three tournaments on the EMEA Game Changers circuit. The first will begin in January and will feature a new tournament series called Game Changers Academy. Other Game Changers events will be held in May and September of this year.

EMEA Game Changers 2022

Game Changers Academy will function similarly to North America. According to the ‘Upcomer’- news release, the new competition series would include up to six tournaments.

EMEA Game Changers 2022: everything we know so far

At the most recent European Game Changers, 58 teams competed in the World Championships, and more corporations have begun a revenge project.

Note the Date: Game Changers 2022

The Game Changers Circuit competition dates will run concurrently to the Main EMEA VALORANT Champions Tour so that they do not overlap. It will be able to compete in the volleyball season as well as the grand circuit.

EMEA Game Changers 2022: everything we know so far

Each VRL season in 2022 begins on January 24 with open qualifying. The first split will begin the week of February 14.

The most recent tournament champions for the 2021 Circuit were TEN STAR Nova for Series I and II, and G2 Gozen for Series III’s final event.

EMEA Valorant Says

Riot Games affirmed that its regulations surrounding the admission of EMEA Game Changers would not alter at a press conference conducted at the EMEA VALORANT Champions Tour 2022.

EMEA Game Changers 2022: everything we know so far

The EMEA rules, like that of any other North American or regional tournament series, do not allow other marginalized genders and identities to compete in these tournaments, as in the dot sports.

Also, Note

The LAN in Game Changers is not a country-wide LAN from the time the release date is disclosed. As the Game Changers expand, teams from North America, EMEA, South East Asia, Brazil, and other regions will compete.

Each league will have two stages during the year, each featuring a regular season and playoffs to decide a winner. Some of the teams that will compete will be determined through VRL open qualifications, which will take place at least once every season.

For The Champions

The league champions will advance to the VCT Promotion Tournament. Each Stage Two VRL winner will advance to the VRL EMEA Finals, though the number of available spots and VRL qualifiers may vary depending on the VCT Promotion Tournament.

EMEA Game Changers 2022: everything we know so far

The news is that the VCT Game Changers EMEA 2022 circuit will also operate “parallel” to the “broader EMEA ecosystem,” allowing these teams to compete in both Game Changers as well as VRL and VCT open qualifiers.


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