Game Of Tribes: The First Gaming Community by Meta

Game Of Tribes: The First Gaming Community by Meta is on the news. People can use Facebook Gaming to search and watch fun gaming videos, follow their favorite creators and game titles, make important relationships in gaming groups and chats, discover new games, and play those games with people from all over the world – all in one space or as we’d prefer- the metaspace.

Meta Gaming Community: The Game Of Tribes

Game Of Tribes: The First Gaming Community by Meta is a challenge that will allow game fans, developers, publishers, and creators to create an active and engaged Facebook group, with awards for community administrators based on hitting certain milestones.

Game Of Tribes: The First Gaming Community by Meta

Meta has launched India’s first Gaming Community Challenge to assist community administrators in building strong gaming communities on Facebook. The challenge, or more precisely- the Game Of Tribes, would allow players to interact with others who share their interests and form communities on Facebook.

Sustaining Gaming Communities

“We are committed to growing the gaming ecosystem in the country,” said Manish Chopra, Director, and Head of Partnerships at Meta India. “Through Game of Tribes, we will offer connection and sustain to gaming communities looking to upgrade their skills and enhance their gaming connections.”

Game Of Tribes: The First Gaming Community by Meta

Between July and August of this year, more than 20 million people in India were active members in Facebook gaming groups, and this is a unique opportunity for gaming enthusiasts to interact and learn from thousands of elite gaming groups, creators, community builders, and develop active gaming groups on Facebook.”

Who Can Participate?

All gaming groups on Facebook are eligible to participate in the competition, which will be divided into two categories: Lit‘ for groups less than a year old and ‘Legends‘ for groups more than a year.

Game Of Tribes: The First Gaming Community by Meta

The challenge will last six months, and groups will be assessed based on the effect and involvement of their gaming community, with nominated community admins getting the chance to be mentored by industry professionals, attend masterclasses, and learn about monetization tactics.

The Games of Tribe: How Will It Work?

Once you’ve created your gaming group, you may conduct tournaments, make live broadcasts, publish highlight films, and communicate with your community members on a regular basis to help your group rise to the top.

Game Of Tribes: The First Gaming Community by Meta

The ultimate objective here is to create the platform’s most engaged and successful gaming community. It’s essentially a war royale amongst communities, with communities being rated based on their effect, engagement, and traffic creation.

Rewards and Monetization

Completing a series of milestones will result in monthly awards, Facebook mentions/tags from notable game developers and corporations, and some other unspecified incentives. The winner group will get a Golden Trophy from Facebook and the opportunity to network with professionals in the bigger gaming industry at the end of the competition.

Selected group administrators will be taught by industry professionals, attend seminars, and learn about monetization tactics.


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