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Google Pixel Watch May Get Exynos Chip And Next-Gen Google Assistant

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A new version of Google Assistant is expected to be introduced to Wear OS with the next Pixel Watch, according to reports. An alleged string of code in the Google app suggests that the first Pixel-branded wristwatch will be released by the firm at some point shortly. Code hints of Pixel-exclusive features are reportedly left by Google in certain of its apps’ code.

Google’s Android Wear app just included a “PIXEL EXPERIENCE WATCH” tag, which suggests the company is working on its wristwatch.

Pixel Watch may run voice commands even while offline, said to come with Exynos chipset - Technology News

New Google Assistant and Exynos Chip

According to 9to5’s findings, Pixel Watch is likely to launch with new Wear OS features that are not yet on other watches. Another anticipated component is next-gen Google Assistant. Now, rather than relying on Google’s servers, this version is designed to improve voice recognition through local processing.

Using your voice, you can now filter photos in Google Photos, a function that launched with the Pixel 4 and lets you do more advanced tasks. Additionally, the next-generation Assistant can make changes to the phone’s settings even while the device is disconnected from the Internet. It’s worth noting that, voice recognition has been sluggish to use on Wear OS so far.

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According to the report, the next-generation Assistant was discovered with the supposed codename “Rohan,” thus proving its existence as well as the name of the watch’s alleged pseudonym.

Additionally, WearOS 3.0’s purported UI, which also pointed at the Pixel Watch-exclusive watch faces, was recently shown in pictures. According to the leaked renderings, the wristwatch would include a round dial along with a bezel-less display, colorful band options, a unique button for easier navigation, and much more.

Previously, Samsung and Google collaborated to launch the Galaxy Watch 4 to the market which was backed by the Exynos W920 processor. It isn’t known if the Pixel Watch will use the same processor as the Pixel or employ a new one.

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The aforementioned post by 9to5 further states that Exynos chips have been found alongside mentions to Rohan, which is the alias for the Pixel Watch. Wear OS watches powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 or its speculated successor may not be supported by Google’s next Wear OS release. This time around, it will either employ the same technology as the Galaxy Watch 4 or an entirely different chip.

Google Assistant and Exynos Chipset Rumors Hint at the Pixel Watch – Bestgamingpro

It’s conceivable that Google will follow Samsung’s lead and develop a smartwatch built on the Exynos design that also powers the Pixel 6 phone. It’s in this way that Google can highlight the watch’s AI processing skills, which would be remarkable given how underwhelming Google Assistant is on Wear OS.

Pixel Watch to Bring Next-Generation Google Assistant to Wear OS, May Run on Exynos Chip: Report

We recommend that you take the information with a pinch of salt and sit tight for a formal announcement from Google regarding its wristwatch ambitions. We’ll let you know if any further information becomes available.


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