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Google’s Latest Android 12 Go Edition is Smarter, Faster and More Capable

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Google has now introduced Android 12, a version of the operating system designed for low-cost smartphones and tablets. Google claims that the new Android Go version will include enhancements and provide users with a quicker, smarter, and more private experience. The latest features include faster app opening, Data Privacy Dashboard, and much more.

With the recent release of Android 12 (Go edition), we’re building on what you care about — creating a faster, smarter and more privacy-friendly experience than ever before. We’re also making these phones more accessible by improving features for multilingual users and introducing new ones that keep data costs in mind.

Let’s hear more about it in detail.

Android 12 Go Edition: New Features

Performance appears to be the key beneficiary in this instance. New applications will launch 30 percent faster on Android 12 Go smartphones than on prior Go-edition Android versions, according to Google. Android 12 Go, according to Google, will have substantially better animation as well.

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Animation of a side-by-side comparison between an Android 11 (Go edition) device opening an app and an Android 12 (Go edition) device opening the phone app. The Android 12 phone on the right side is shown to be faster.

App hibernation will be included in the newest version and will operate automatically for programs that haven’t been used in a while. With this feature, customers will be able to conserve space and battery power.

Also included in Android 12 Go is the Android 12 SplashScreen API, which allows developers to add a filler for users to look at while waiting for their applications to launch.

Two mobile phones side by side. The one on the left shows a settings notification that says three unused apps were hibernated. The screen on the right shows the settings page and the Music and News apps listed underneath.

Android 12 Go also features a new Files Go app that allows users to restore unintentionally deleted data within 30 days after removal, a useful feature that is also available on several non-Go edition devices.

Two mobile phones side by side. The phone on the left is a still image of a Wikipedia page on Chrome with the “Translate”, “Listen” and “Screenshot” buttons below it. The phone on the right shows an animation of the content on the page being translated from English to Hindi.

For those who prefer listening to the news rather than reading it, Android 12 Go has a new Recent Apps panel that lets them do both. With Nearby Share, users can now share applications with other devices. Users of the Android 12 Go edition will be able to set up Guest profiles immediately from the lock screen with the help of the new update.

We’re also giving you more control over how much information you share with apps. With new approximate location permissions, you can limit apps to seeing only your approximate location instead of a precise one. For example, limiting your weather app to your approximate location will still give you an accurate forecast.

Two mobile phones side by side. The one on the left shows the privacy dashboard displaying apps that have used the camera, location and microphone in the past 24 hours. The phone on the right shows a gif of the camera app being opened and a green camera icon appearing at the top right side of the screen to show that the camera is in use.

On Android 12, we also saw a new Data privacy Dashboard, which provides users with information about what applications are accessing sensitive data components such as their location, the microphone, or the camera. Applications will only obtain an estimate of your position now, rather than your specific location, which might be abused by rogue apps.


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