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Grand Theft Auto 5’s Unsolved Mysteries

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When it comes to open-world games, Rockstar Games has a rare potential to include interesting and intriguing elements. Players can see this in Grand Theft Auto titles, which have various Easter eggs and riddles that leave them scurrying for answers in each new release. There are plenty of fresh mysteries in Grand theft 5, some of which remain unresolved even after eight years of release.

In GTA 5, Rockstar stretched the bounds of easter eggs, from ufos to Jesse Pinkman. In addition, it contains the largest GTA map ever, with 75 square kilometers of waterways and land to explore. Despite the inclusion of “Caravan of Love” and other “Easter Eggs” that appear to be nothing more than gimmicks, some suggest a greater meaning. A large number of GTA 5 players have attempted to explain these problems through videos and elaborate hypotheses, making these puzzles a vital part of the GTA 5 gaming community.

The Unsolved Mysteries of Grand Theft Auto 5

Here’s are some of the most interesting GTA 5 mysteries.

The mystery of the infinity killer

Grand Theft Auto 5's The Infinity Killer Mystery Explained

GTA 5’s “Infinity Killer” is one of the unsettling mysteries on the map, with an eternal ending. There is a dilapidated tent located in the little village of Sandy Shores. Newspaper clipping about Merle Abrahams’ death is found in this small cabin, and the player will learn more about him from it.

The burned-out house of the alleged murderer of eight people can be found just a few blocks away, with graffiti on the walls and a statement from the perpetrator himself. Eventually, the user discovers a schematic map depicting a real-world location after following these clues. It’s all here in GTA 5.

The Mystery of the Ocean Hatch

10 Amazing Unsolved GTA V Mysteries – Page 5

It is possible to come upon a mystery sealed trapdoor on the seabed in GTA 5 when investigating the aquatic realm. To investigate this hatch, gamers must be careful because it is positioned underneath the crush level on the East side of the map.

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Eventually, if the player waits long enough, they’ll hear the noise of a knock on the door in the concealed chamber. A comedy of errors has been etched into these faucets’ Morse Code: “hello, you never called, how do you like bowling?” This trapdoor bears an uncanny resemblance to GTA 4’s Roman Bellic.

The Mystery of the Rooster

GTA 5 - Gerald's Last Play Missions Guide (GTA Online)

Even though many GTA 5 Mysteries have a dark undertone, some are amusing. This can be seen at the very top of the map, tucked away in the mountains. A chalky white painting of a rooster can be seen on a steep rock wall that can’t be reached by foot. Even though it is unmistakably a chicken, the animal has some resemblance to mollusks.

The mystery of this rooster lies in the fact that it has supplanted an image of a man, whose existence was never established. The most prevalent theory among gamers is that Jesse Pinkman is from Break, with some suggesting that the picture belongs to a fictitious Rockstar programmer who chose to place his head on the boulder as a prank.

Mrs. Philips Mystery

Mrs Philips - GTA 5 Wiki Guide - IGN

The absence and reappearance of Trevor’s mother might have been one of the mysteries that enticed players to keep Trevor alive. A question mark will show above Trevor’s trailer after finishing the Ultimate narrative quest, suggesting a Stranger and Villain mission called “Mrs. Philip.” Trevor will still be alive after completing this quest. When Trevor’s mother returns from prison, she asks him to hijack a lorry full of drugs for her.

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The player is left wondering what had happened to Mrs. Trevor once Trevor returns to the trailer. The most likely scenario is that she abruptly quits before the mission is finished. She may have been hallucinating owing to Trevor’s habit of sniffing gasoline, according to other theories. Whatever the case may be, no one knows what happened to her.

What Is Inside The Blaine County Motel?

The derelict Blaine County Motel can be found in a desolate section in Sandy Shores. So maybe this abandoned place isn’t that deserted. You can walk through the door, but the remainder of the doors have been shuttered, preventing you from accessing most of the motel’s rooms. Gamers have reported hearing strange noises, including scraping, squeaking, and even the sound of a wailing infant.

Vagrants probably are to blame, as evidenced by the fact that several suspicious people congregate outside the motel during business hours. That or the place is cursed.

Does The Jetpack Exist Or Not?!

The presence of the fabled jetpack is the single thing GTA fans can’t agree on. The Mount Chiliad fresco, which shows what appears to be a man in a jetpack, is a major source of the notion. According to hacker sources, the source code for the jetpack can be discovered in the game’s.exe files.

In Fort Zancudo and the IAA Headquarters, some gamers also claim that the jetpack can be discovered. Fortunately, the game’s online version has a working jetpack for those who are curious enough to try it out.

Currently, the PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, and PS3 versions of Grand Theft 5 are all available, with PS5 and Xbox Series X/S editions on the way.


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