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GTA Online Update Launch Date, Time and More

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In terms of popularity, GTA Online is among the most popular titles on the internet. Real-time multiplayer allows gamers to roam the free environment of Grand Theft Auto (GTA). A new GTA Online update, dubbed The Contract, is being released at the same time.

DLC and update packages for Grand Theft Auto titles have yet to be released by the developer Rockstar Games. The 15th of December is reported to be the release date, according to Express co.,, and other sources.

GTA Online update time: The Contract release date countdown, DLC patch notes | Gaming | Entertainment |

Such Rockstar Games launches have often lasted for just a few hours. Adding a lot of additional material to the online GTA V world is intended to be achieved through the Contract. Franklin and the well-known dog named Chop are rumored to make an appearance in the upcoming update. The game will also have other characters. Dr. Dre’s new tunes and a second radio station will also be part of the new DLC.

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When is GTA Online update coming out?

On Wednesday, December 15, 2021, a GTA Online update is expected to be released, according to several sources. A specific date and time have not been set for GTA Online’s upcoming “The Contract” update. 2 AM PST/5 PM EST / 3:30 PM IST is when The Contract is expected to be revealed according to calculated guesswork. Based on prior release schedules, speculation has been formed.

GTA Online update release date & time: When is GTA Online update coming out live?

A simultaneous release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One is also planned for the update’s roll-out. According to previous reports, GTA Online will be updated on Wednesday.

A novel Stun Gun and a Mini EMP launcher will be included in the Contract, as well as additional in-game items. Enus Jubilee and Dewbauchee Champion are two of the new cars that will be included in the update.

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Armory, and The Agency and are two more new establishments that have just opened. When it comes to Franklin, he needs two items: a trusted partner and a high-profile customer.

Having Lamar Davis, a long-time LS contact and aspiring cannabis entrepreneur, engagement with Franklin will allow you to be a key player in helping Franklin grow his business.

GTA Online ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update: Part One Now Available - Rockstar Games

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