How to kill Krampus in Warzone: Guns, Strategies, And Rewards

Since the start of Vanguard Season 1, Krampus has been among the most contentious characters. Players have been stalked relentlessly ever since December 16 update by the Christmas monster.

Krampus Monster Ruins Matches for CoD Vanguard and Warzone Pacific Players

Some are even calling it stupid.

I’m not someone who complains about this game. I absolutely love Caldera and Vanguard multiplayer as well. Im having a blast…well I was having a blast.
In an hour of playing I’ve had this fucking thing hunting my team in 4 separate games!
It has seemingly more health than a god damn juggernaut and it’s almost a guarantee that your game is over if you get him.
It will give away your position to every surrounding team and while you’re fighting a seemingly invincible teleporting enemy you’ll be third partied and there goes your game.
One of the dumbest things I’ve ever seem implemented in Warzone.

Fortunately, Krampus isn’t completely indestructible, despite being a powerful adversary. These weapons and strategies will help you have a better chance of defeating this monster and reaping the benefits of the handsome rewards and XP that follow.

Krampus in Warzone

Given that Krampus is a mythical beast, you’ll need the strongest weaponry Vanguard has to offer to take him down. The easiest way to deal with him is to use LMGs. With the DP27, Type 11, or Bren rifle, you’ll have no problem taking down the savage Christmas monster. Krampus is a bullet sponge, therefore LMGs with enormous magazines and high damage delivery are ideal.

To defeat the monster, you will need more than just brute force; you will also need some planning. Fortunately, on Caldera, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard adds Krampus and elves to the multiplayer weekend - Game News 24

“He’s ridiculously easy to kill. Also, you can just keep running at well and he can’t really catch you,” said HyperNuclear. “I agree it’s incredibly stupid, but you should be able to easily deal with it. It has a lot of health but is very easy to fight,” 

When facing Krampus, all you have to be concerned with is making sure you have enough free space to avoid being cornered and keeping an eye on his maneuvers. So, if you keep him outside and utilize trees as cover, you’ll be able to obtain the gifts he drops without any difficulty.

Krampus in Warzone / Vanguard

You’ll get some really useful items if you can take down Krampus before the timer runs out. He’ll give you 2000 XP, $10,000 in currency, and a Munitions Box to replenish your armaments after the fight.

Despite his intimidating appearance, Krampus is a fun way to harvest cash and XP.


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