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How to Watch Oman VS Qatar Online? Live Stream, Score Updates, and More

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In a few seconds, we will provide you with the starting lineups for the Oman VS Qatar live match, as well as the most recent updates from the Education City Stadium. Don’t miss a single detail from VAVEL’s live match updates and analysis.

How to watch Oman vs Qatar online?

When and Where to Watch Oman VS Qatar?

The match between Oman and Qatar will not be shown live on television. If you want to see it live, go to FIFATV (YouTube). If you want to watch it online, your best bet is to go to VAVEL USA.

Timing of the match – 1:00 P.M. UTC

Oman and Qatar Team Analysis

Abdulaziz Hatem’s presence in the Qatari team stands noteworthy. The 31-year-old midfielder is a superb player who, if not kept close, maybe a deciding element in the team throughout this encounter. Salaah Al-Yahyaei is a member of the Omani team. The 23-year-old midfielder is coming off a goal in his team’s previous game. The 23-year-old midfielder is coming off a goal in his team’s previous game. Qatar must exercise extreme caution since he is a dangerous player who can wreak havoc if given the room to exploit.How to watch Oman vs Qatar online?

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These two sides have met 33 times in total, usually in friendly matches. The statistics favor Qatar, which has won on 19 occasions, while Oman has triumphed on six occasions for a total of eight ties.

Only official matches have been placed, with the Qataris enjoying a commanding five-win edge, with the remaining two games ending in a tie. The host team won their debut against Bahrain, although by the narrowest of margins. They will preside as guests in the second match, but they hope that this will not be an issue in the match where they may qualify for the following round.

Where Would the Match Happen?

The match between Oman and Qatar will take place at the Qatar Foundation Stadium, popularly known as Education City Stadium. This stadium, located in the Qatari city of Rianan and set to open in 2020, has a seating capacity of 45,350 people.

How to watch Oman vs Qatar online?

Since November 2014, Oman and Qatar have met four times. One match was a tie, while Qatar won three times. The most recent meeting between them was on June 7, 2021, in Asia. 2nd round of the World Cup, which Qatar won 0-1. Oman has scored four goals in four head-to-head encounters, while Qatar has scored eight. As a result, in recent history, Qatar has had a stronger head-to-head record than Oman. The objective behind initiating the competition was to organize a tournament between teams from the Union of Arab Football Associations (UAFA) and Arab World nations.

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How to watch Oman vs Qatar online?

Oman VS Qatar Match Predictions

After drawing with Iraq in their opening encounter in the Arab Cup, Oman has now failed to win any of their past three matches in all competitions.

They’ll be happy with the point they earned in that match, but they’ll have to work hard to build on it against a Qatar team that won their first match of the tournament. They beat Bahrain to get off to a strong start, and while this game might go anyway, the Qataris are favorites to win for the third time in a row.


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