iPhone 6s and More OId Models Might Not Get the iOS 16 Update

Apple is set to release iOS 16 in 2022, but a current rumor claims that older models that were supported by iOS 15 will not be able to receive the update. People prefer iOS to Android for a variety of reasons. There is a great deal of developer support, and the operating system is easy to use. Furthermore, Apple has a significant advantage in terms of software upgrades compared to others.

It’s difficult to predict when Android software updates will be released. Some phones are pledged OS updates for up to three years, while some are fortunate to get one or two upgrades at best. It is something that has improved over time, but it still falls far short of the pace set by Apple for its iOS updates.

At least 5 annual iOS updates have been issued to most iPhones over the past few years. Apple has recently released iOS 15 to iPhones that were released as recently as 2015.

Rumor: iOS 16 to drop support for iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and first-gen iPhone SE - 9to5Mac

It is exciting, but even Apple has to stop supporting models that it believes to be too old at some point. New iOS features and capabilities mean outdated hardware can no longer handle them. A fresh rumor from French magazine iPhoneSoft claims this will be the case with iOS 16, which is due out in 2017. Reports claim Apple won’t be updating the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and 1st generation iPhone SE to iOS 16, which was released just two months ago.

The models that’ll receive the new ios update are as mentioned:

  • iPhone 13 series
  • iPhone 12 series
  • iPhone 11 series
  • iPhone XS series
  • iPhone SE 2020
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 8 series
  • iPhone 7 series
  • iPad Pro 2021
  • the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2016+)
  • the 10.5 inch iPad Pro (2016+)
  • the 11-inch iPad Pro (2018+)
  • iPad Air 3
  • iPad Air 4
  • iPad Air 5 (2022)
  • iPad 6
  • iPad 7
  • iPad 8
  • iPad 9
  • iPad mini 5
  • iPad mini 6

iOS 16 to drop support for these Apple devices

Older iPads are also falling behind

iPhoneSoft also claims that Apple will discontinue support for several iPad models shortly. However, it appears that iOS 16 will not be available on the fifth-generation iPad, Mini 4, 2015 iPad Pros, and Air 2.

Even though this is terrible news for anyone who still possesses any of these models, it’s not shocking. A handful of Apple Music and Apple Health features, as well as AR instructions in Apple Maps and Live Text translation, had to be removed for iOS 15 to be made available to devices like the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. These older devices may have even more missing functions if Apple tries to deliver iOS 16 to them.

Apple iPad 9: affordable tablet with iPhone 11-like A13 Bionic chip and iPad Pro-like camera for $329 | gagadget.com

Apple’s iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPad Air 2, first-generation iPad Pros, and iPad mini 4, will be good for seven years if this report is anything to go by. Following five years of improvements, the iPhone SE and fifth-generation iPad will both be phased out. iPhoneSoft’s past with iOS 13 and iOS 14 roadmaps suggests that this is a good bet, but nothing is verified until Apple confirms.


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