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Live-Action Mega Man Flick is Currently in Development by Netflix

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The streaming giant is currently developing a Mega Man live-action movie. Supermarché, which may have corroborated IGN’s sources, may have affirmed that the project is currently in development. According to IGN, a summary of the game appeared on the company’s website, but it has since been removed.

Netflix Is ​​working On A Live-action Mega Man Movie - Bullfrag

It read: “Henry [Joost], Rel [Schulman], and their in-house producer Orlee-Rose Strauss maintain an active development slate. Features in the works include an adaptation of Capcom’s Mega Man for Chernin Entertainment and Netflix, which they wrote and are directing.”

“We are super excited about it,” said Joost. “I think we can share big news about it soon. I can’t say too much just yet, but it is a project that is close to us and we are looking forward to it.”

As of writing, the streaming giant hasn’t confirmed any news related to the Mega Man movie so there’s a high chance we won’t see anything concrete right now.

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With Schulman, and Joost and penning the screenplay and Disney snatching up Fox, the long-gestating Mega Man film has been put on hold. Batman writer Mattson Tomlin will be working on this film when it debuts in 2020.

The first Mega Man game was launched in 1987, and since then the series has expanded to include video games, animated series, and comic books.

Mega Man Live-Action Movie Confirmed, First Details Revealed

This isn’t the sole video game adaption that’s currently in development. The first trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has just been out, and you can catch the interview of the director Jeff Fowler on the internet.

Knuckles will be voiced by Idris Elba, Robotnik by Jim Carey, and Tom by James Marsden. Faster than a speeding bullet, Ben Schwartz has returned to reprise his role as the character’s voice.

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Other than a few Netflix releases, we’ve also seen the releases of other live-action movies such as Mortal Combat and Monster Hunter. The last of Us Tv Show based on the premise of the best selling PS4 pro classic of the same name is in talks too.

Fans are already hoping for their favorite video game to be turned into a successful movie franchise, be it be Portal, Fallout, Ghost of Tsushima, and many more.

4Gamers - Netflix krijgt live-action Mega Man film

It’s always a bit hit or miss with video game adaptations. Films about video games have a long history of bad critics, but things are starting to change.

Netflix instantly greenlit the second edition of Arcane League of Legends after the first season was a financial and critical success. Castlevania, which was also a big hit on Netflix, shows that the service can handle Mega Man just well.


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