SharePlay for FaceTime: How to Use it for a Movie Watch Party?

FaceTime received a major upgrade from iOS 15 in 2021 to fully cope with Zoom as well as other video calling solutions that became popular in 2020. As part of the iOS 15.1 release, it added a feature called SharePlay, which essentially transforms FaceTime into a watch party tool.

What is SharePlay? iOS 15 brings communal music and movies to FaceTime calls | Trusted Reviews

Here’s everything we know about it.

What is Apple SharePlay?

The SharePlay app for FaceTime allows you to bring music into your chat, stream movies and TV episodes in sync with your pals while sharing real-time conversations, and split the screen with your peers. iOS 15.1 introduced this new feature, which works with a variety of third-party applications such as TikTok and lets you include a variety of media in your FaceTime chats.

When will SharePlay be available?

FaceTime’s SharePlay feature was only included in iOS 15.1 because it wasn’t ready during iOS 15’s initial launch in September 2021. Your device should have SharePlay installed if it’s up-to-date with the latest software. To see if an update is required, go to Settings > General > Software Update on your phone.

What can you do with SharePlay?

Your latest SharePlay will aid you in performing 3 things: Watch together, Share your screen, and Listen together.

Listen together

Let’s imagine you’re on a FaceTime video conversation with a friend, and you’re discussing a favorite song or album. You may start playing the song you’re talking about right now using SharePlay. Simply fire up the Apple Music player, find the particular song you want to listen to, push begin, and select listen together. The person on the other end of the call also needs to enable SharePlay as well to enjoy the experience.

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The best thing is that everyone on the call can create a playlist and share audio controls like stop and skip.

Watch together

You may utilize SharePlay to establish a watch party, or what Apple terms a “Shared Content” session, while on a FaceTime chat. Simply tap play on the TV app or a streaming application. Then you and your buddies may all stream at the same time.

Since SharePlay is a system-wide app, you may exit the streaming app and open another app to do anything else, like order takeout, and a picture-in-picture view that will keep you viewing your pals and the film you’re watching.

With a single press, you can navigate controls and even hop into Messaging to communicate while streaming. If you want to watch on a larger screen, you may send the movie to your Apple TV and stream it there while FaceTimeing with pals. Everyone would be in full sync, even if they are using several devices.

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Share your screen

SharePlay also allows users to share their screens with their pals, whether they want to display them an app, a webpage, a picture album, or anything else, such as comments on a project you’re working on. It also works on Apple devices.

To broadcast your screen throughout a FaceTime conversation, click on your screen if the options aren’t already available during the session. The screen symbol with the figure in the corner should be tapped. After that, you’ll see a countdown before your screen appears for everyone on the meeting to see.

How to Start a FaceTime Watch Party?

You need to follow these simple steps to create a FaceTime watch party.

  1. Launch FaceTime software on your iPad or iPhone.
  2. You will receive two choices:
    • Create a Link
    • New FaceTime.
  3. Select and create a Link.
  4. Once the link generates, select the “i” button.
  5. Select the “Share Link” option in the menu.

Still here, go fire up your FaceTime watch party feature and stream a well-deserved Christmas movie- Back to the Future or maybe Hocus Pocus. Don’t forget to follow GeeksULTd for more exciting tips and updates.


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