Top 10 Most Visited Websites in 2021

The video-sharing Chinese app Tiktok has been deemed the most visited and popular website of 2021. According to Cloudflare’s Radar service, has overtaken (#2), (#3), (#4), and (#5) to become the most popular website in 2020 and 2021 based on aggregated statistics.

Upon further investigation, Cloudflare has uncovered that on February 17, 2021, TikTok initially became the most popular app on mobile devices, a position it would hold for a few more days. It wasn’t until August 10, 2021, that being number one became the norm rather than the exception. When TikTok isn’t in the spotlight, Google steps in for a moment.

Top 10 Most popular websites 2021

Here is the list of the top 10 most popular websites of 2021.

Chinese business ByteDance owns video-focused social networking site TikTok, or Douyin. Users upload short-form movies ranging between 15 seconds up to three minutes in length, everything from pranks to acrobatics to pranks to comedy to dancing and entertainment.

Adverts on the Internet, search engines, and cloud computing are just some of the services and products that Google LLC provides to businesses and consumers throughout the world.

An international technology company established in California, Meta Platforms, Inc. (previously known as Facebook, Inc.) is headquartered in Menlo Park. In addition to  Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook, the firm is the umbrella organization for several additional companies.

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational technology company that provides computer software, electronic goods, desktop computers, and other related services.

Consumer devices, computer software, and internet services are all areas that Apple Inc. focuses on. Apple has been the world’s biggest corporation since January 2021, making it the world’s top information technology firm by revenue.

Online retail, cloud services, media streaming, and ai are some of’s primary areas of interest. Alongside Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Meta, it is one of the Big Five corporations in the American information technology sector.

Netflix is a subscription streaming platform and production corporation based in the United States. After launching its service on August 29, 1997, Netflix offers a wide selection of films and tv shows through licensing agreements and its creations, which are called Netflix Originals.

Video streaming and social networking service YouTube is owned by Google and based in the United States. Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chen established it on February 14, 2005. After Google, it is the 2nd most common site on the internet.

As the name suggests, “tweets” are messages that are posted and shared on Twitter, American social networking, and microblogging platforms. Unregistered users can only see tweets that have been made publicly available, while registered users can publish, like, and retweet them.

Meta owns the freeware, cross-platform, instant messaging, and voice-over-IP platform known as WhatsApp Messenger or just It lets users communicate text and voice messages, conduct phone and video chats, and share photographs, files, user locations, as well as other stuff.

Other aspects in Cloudflare’s research include what we may anticipate from meta-oriented sites in 2022 and beyond, the impact of Squid Game on Netflix’s placement, and the battle between e-commerce titans.


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