What’s New in the Skyrim Update?

What’s New in the Skyrim Update? Isn’t this the only hyped query around you as of now! The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim received a fresh update earlier today (December 13) for all supported systems.

This update simply features a few bug fixes and quality-of-life enhancements. If you’re interested in what’s changed, the official patch notes for the December 13 Skyrim update are available below.

Skyrim Update is Now Live

The most notable change is a workaround for the 0kb space issue that was plaguing some PlayStation users. Several more bug fixes were added in this Skyrim Update version, which is listed lower down this page in the patch notes.

What's New in the Skyrim Update?

Given the game’s age, it should come as no surprise that this is merely a bug-fixing update. The developers would prefer to enhance systems after the anniversary event than create a 354th edition of the game (which is honestly the better choice).

With changes to areas like languages, Steam, Creation Club, and much more, you can anticipate things to be slightly better when you return to the game.

What's New in the Skyrim Update?

Is Skyrim Update a Crucial Update?

This is only upon you to decide after reading this article on What’s New in the Skyrim Update? This version addresses a variety of issues and malfunctions across all platforms. PlayStation users, in particular, will be overjoyed with this patch because it fixes the 0kb space problem that has been plaguing the game on PS4 and PS5. 

An issue that would compel players’ names to be the default “Prisoner” when creating a character has been rectified for Xbox gamers. This version contains a lot more, including a few next-generation-exclusive fixes. Here’s what’s new in Skyrim update 1.22.

What's New in the Skyrim Update?

Skyrim Update Pointers

Skyrim Updates bring you many things, but they are useless until you know what they have done. So, here’s a list for you to know what they updated.

  • When downloading creations, new translations have been included.
  • Resolved Ash Zombies reappearing and locating the player at their house (Ghost of the Tribunal)
  • The Ragged Flagon Cistern has a fixed light flicker.
  • Palomino horses’ missing mane textures have been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem that certain PC Steam gamers were having while attempting to upgrade using their keyboard.
  • Fixed a bug in which Creation Club Bundles were mistakenly labeled as “owned.”
  • They fixed an issue that some players were experiencing when attempting to change button mapping.
  • When spam casts Fireball, the game will crash. This has now been fixed.

What's New in the Skyrim Update

On their Discord, you can also discover a list of platform-specific updates, which you can also see below:

  • [Only for PlayStation 4/5] Fixed a bug that was producing “out of memory” crashes.
  • [Only for PlayStation 5] Crashing after departing the Pelagius Wing has been fixed (Minds of Madness Quest)
  • [Only for PlayStation 5] Fixed a problem that occurred when attempting to begin the game via “Activities.”
  • [Only for PlayStation 5] Fixed a problem that occurred when attempting to begin the game via “Activities.”
  • [Only for Xbox Series X] Fixed a problem that players were having while naming their character by changing the default character name to “Prisoner.”
  • [Only for Xbox] Fixed a problem with the “download all” button.


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