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Why Did CNN Fire Chris Cuomo? | Here’s Why

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Why Did CNN fire Chris Cuomo? The anchor was fired on Tuesday after the New York attorney general’s testimony and text messages revealed a more intimate and engaged role in his brother’s political affairs than the network had previously stated.

Why Did CNN fired Chris Cuomo?

It was unclear what role the allegation had in CNN’s decision to fire Mr. Cuomo. Ms. Katz also represents Charlotte Bennett, an erstwhile Andrew Cuomo aide who accused the former governor of sexual harassment in February. Debra S. Katz, a prominent employment lawyer, informed CNN on Wednesday that she had a client who accused Chris Cuomo of sexual misconduct.

Why Did CNN Fire Chris Cuomo?

Ms. Katz stated in a statement on Saturday that the allegation made against the anchor by a former junior colleague at another network was “unrelated to the Governor Andrew Cuomo matter.”

What did CNN say?

CNN announced earlier on Saturday that it had “retained a respected law firm to determine the current state” of the anchor’s involvement with Andrew Cuomo’s political team. “Supplementary information has come to light while that review is being conducted,” CNN stated. ”

Regardless of the discontinuation, we will conduct appropriate investigations.” According to Mr. Cuomo’s spokesman, the former anchor “fully stands by his on-air statements about his affiliation to these issues, both professionally and in a profoundly personal way.” If the goal of making these false and unsubstantiated accusations was to have Mr. Cuomo reprimanded by CNN, it could explain his unjust termination.”

What did Chris Cuomo Say?

“This is not how I want my time at CNN to end, but I have already informed you why and how I assisted my brother,” Chris Cuomo said in a statement earlier on Saturday. “So, as disappointing as this is, I couldn’t be more happy and grateful at Cuomo Prime Time and the work we did as CNN’s #1 show in some of the most competitive time slots.”

Why Did CNN fired Chris Cuomo?

Several women have accused politician Cuomo of making sexual solicitation, inappropriate touching, and sexually provocative remarks while in office. An August report from New York’s attorney general concluded that Andrew Cuomo had sexually harassed 11 women after a five-month independent investigation that substantiated such claims. Later that month, he resigned, and he is now facing state criminal charges as well as possible civil lawsuits.

Chris Cuomo told CNN viewers in August, “I never attacked or encouraged anyone to attack any woman who came forward.” “I never approached the media about my brother’s situation.”Until last month, Mr. Cuomo had the public backing of CNN’s president, Jeff Zucker, and he faced no repercussions for his behind-the-scenes brainstorming with Andrew Cuomo’s political aides, a violation of basic journalistic norms.


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