YouTube Removes Disney Owned Channels

YouTube removes Disney Owned Channels. Following a failed agreement between the two entertainment companies, several Disney-owned channels have been withdrawn from YouTube TV’s streaming service.

Providers have been rushing to get the most out of streaming video, which has dramatically challenged established patterns of cinema and television consumption over the last decade. Though a small set of established providers led the march toward streaming in the beginning, that has begun to alter in recent years. 

Why Does YouTube Remove Disney Owned Channels?

For a long time, it appeared like Netflix, the long-established streaming powerhouse, would continue to be the top choice for customers. However, when more companies entered the war, it became evident that particular programs held by studios and entertainment companies would be protected. YouTube removes Disney Owned Channels

As a result, when major entertainment businesses like Disney decided to take a drive to acquire all of their intellectual rights, things changed dramatically. Today, Disney’s streaming service is one of the most popular, but new obstacles have emerged, and many smaller providers have sought out partnerships to avoid the monopolization of programming by the legal owners of said programs.

YouTube removes Disney Owned Channels

The home entertainment/subscription streaming service issue appeared to have a stranglehold on the ease with which people could watch their favorite films and television shows at one point.

Thankfully, some of the larger providers’ IPs have been negotiated. Unfortunately, reaching an agreement on what may and cannot be streamed isn’t always easy, and some subscribers are left out in the cold. Disney and Google’s YouTube TV is the most recent example of this.

YouTube removes Disney Owned Channels

YouTube is still in Discussion with Disney

It’s disheartening to lose over a dozen channels – some of which are big pulls for some customers – after such a lengthy time.

However, there is one bright spot in all of this: YouTube TV has pledged to continue discussions with Disney. To compensate for the loss of the channels, the provider has also announced that it will reduce its existing subscription fee by $15.

YouTube removes Disney Owned Channels

Impact on Consumers

Some could say that this is simply further evidence of Disney’s apparent insatiable drive to control the whole entertainment sector. In recent years, the Mouse House has snatched up a slew of beloved IPs and has been accused of vaulting films to prevent them from being seen in theatres.

However, the entertainment sector is a major business, and streaming services like Disney+ and YouTube TV have just added to that. As things stand, the existing paradigm may not be sustainable, and this alone is a clear signal that changes like this may and will occur.

Many users will surely be disappointed by the loss of these channels, especially because discussions between Disney and YouTube TV have been continuing for some months.


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