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Paramount Plus Not Working? Here Is How to Fix It

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Nowadays, streaming apps have taken over the entire world’s attention on watching series, Hollywood blockbusters almost anywhere on your mobile, laptops, fire sticks, or even live TVs. One such famous streaming app is Paramount plus, which allows you to stream what you love. Whenever we talk about applications, we are well aware that they tend to irritate us sometimes.

Paramount plus

Starting to Crash, not being able to log in, and freezing screen are some of the issues people face even while using Paramount plus. There could be many reasons behind the Paramount plus not working, and listed in this article are all the possible solutions to your problem at once.

Paramount Plus: Guide to Fix the Issues

Paramount plus is a famous platform to stream one of the best Tv shows and movies on the go. It has been quite a time now that Paramount is on the favorite list since it carries some of the top charts shows to stream and the excellent lineup for this year. You can easily access it through your mobile phones, tabs, PlayStation or firestick tv. It would be so annoying when you cannot run your application due to a glitch, forcing you to do nothing but wait. Sometimes it may be universal (maintenance break), but other times, the problem lies within.

Paramount Plus Not Working? Here Is How to Fix It 1

Some users have faced the issue of their Paramount Plus not working properly. From not hearing the audio to not being able to log into your account. This could be due to many reasons; your internet might be lagging, or sometimes there might be a temporary lag in the application. In some of the cases, there could be a maintenance break when it happens in all the applications worldwide. So, today we will go through all the possible reasons behind the shutdown of the application and what you should do during these times.

Paramount Plus Not Working: Possible Causes & Solutions

There are many reasons why Paramount Plus has stopped working. Firstly, it varies depending on where you are logging in (mobile, PC/laptop, firestick). Listed below are some of the problems you might face and the guide on fixing such issues.

Paramount Plus Not Working? Here Is How to Fix It 2

  • Paramount Plus is crashing every time I open the app- The app could crash due to low internet speed. The other reason might be due to low memory on your phone. Low memory leads to close acquiring spaces among apps, which leads to applications crashing every time you open them. To fix this problem, you can try closing and reopening the application again and again. Try switching off your device and switching back on again. Switch to airplane mode and turn it back off to refresh your internet connection. You can also try clearing the background app refresh as it might cause lag to other applications in use.
  • Paramount Plus live TV not working- While streaming on TV, if you face any issues, go and check the internet connection through the Ip address or check the Wi-Fi your TV is connected to. Your Ip address is different for different service providers. Checking your Ip address through your internet browser is the best way. You can even try checking your proxy servers or try disabling your VPN services if enabled (though there is no need for enabling VPN while streaming on your live TV as it is already assured for safer access to the viewers).
  • Paramount Plus Firestick- If your fire stick is not working correctly, there might be many reasons for the same. Your application in the fire stick may be outdated, the files installed may be dismantled, the storage could be less in that particular fire stick, or there could be an internet issue again.Paramount Plus Not Working? Here Is How to Fix It 3

Try restarting your fire stick again, and with that, also try restarting your router/modem to refresh the Wi-Fi internet network. Check your internet speed as Paramount Plus requires a minimum internet speed of 4Mbps. Try checking that your fire stick has the minimum requirements to run the Paramount Plus app.

  • Paramount app freezes when I open it- Whenever your application freezes, the main reason behind it could be your weak internet connection which keeps on bothering and freezing your application when you open it. Try Switching on your airplane mode and then switching it back off again. This will refresh your internet, and your app might run freely this time. Clear the background apps as they might be consuming the background refresh rate. You can also try uninstalling and again installing it back. Clear the storage from your device to make some storage for the app to run freely.

Paramount plus not working

  • Not able to install the Paramount Plus app- If you cannot install the application from your respective store, there might be a problem on the internet that pauses the installation or shows the 404 error. Check if you are using the right compatible device for the Paramount plus app. See if you are installing the latest version of the app. Clear the cache data of your respective store (Google Play, App Store, etc.). Your internet connection should be stable and ensure that your device has enough storage to install the application.

Paramount Plus Not Working? Here Is How to Fix It 4

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do when Paramount is not working on firestick?

The reason behind this could be the low storage holding capacity of your firestick, or the pre-installed version of the application could be an older one. So, try looking for the requirements of the firestick if it could hold the desired application you want, and do check the internet connection as well.

Why is Paramount plus not working on PS4?

Try checking your Wi-Fi connection; check if your router needs to be restarted. If none of this works, try reinstalling the Paramount plus app on your PS4. You can also try switching off PS4 and then restarting everything.

Paramount Plus is signed in but not working?

This might happen due to poor connectivity issues; try checking the speed of your internet as it should be above 4Mbps for Paramount plus to run smoothly without any lag or stuck in between issues.


Paramount Plus is one of the top listed streaming apps, providing viewership at the best rates. From movies to TV shows all aligned up in the list and featuring more for the upcoming year makes it one of the most awaited TV show hoisting sites in the top chart list.

Now you won’t be facing any issues as you have the solutions in front of you. You can now do as told according to the particular issue you are facing. From fire sticks to mobile application crashes, some of the best and most effective solutions have been provided for the customers to freely resolve the issue and move on without any issue. Watch your favourite TV shows and movies whenever you want, and enjoy streaming!


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