A new Apple leak promises a huge design shock for the iPhone 14.

Apple iPhone 14 leaks have already shown several significant advancements, but new research has revealed what is perhaps the greatest surprise too far.

According to reports, Apple will release the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The anonymous source LeaksApplePro stated that Apple is presently “considering adding a USB-C connector to the next iPhone” in its new weekly Q&A with the popular Apple blog iDropNews. That U-turn would send shockwaves through the IT industry after his strong reluctance to leave Lightning.

“I have got new information that Apple may offer something to the iPhone that many people, including myself, have wanted for years,” the leaker explained. “I’m referring to USB-C. Correctly. Apple is thinking about including a USB-C connector in the next iPhone. To be more specific, the Pro series.

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Apple’s three primary justifications for the move are also described by LeaksApplePro:

1. Applying more pressure to the right

The European Commission has just established new legislation requiring phone makers to utilize USB-C chargers, and the Biden administration is poised to follow suit. Apple can try to oppose or circumvent this (for example, by including adapters in the box), but this could rapidly get ugly and cause considerable brand harm.

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2. Increased transfer rates while exporting ProRes video

With the iPhone 13 series, Apple introduced ProRes to provide RAW video format to professional photographers and fans, but the file sizes are massive. One minute of 4K ProRes footage might result in a file size of up to 13 GB. That implies the storage is being depleted so quickly that it must be replaced regularly, yet the Lightning connector is restricted to 480 Mbit / s (60 Mbit / s), but USB-C is 5 Gbit / s (625 Mbit / s) – practically 10x as fast.

3. The environment and the ‘pro’ association

Bypassing the USB-C requirements by inserting a dongle, Apple’s claims that it wants to benefit the environment by reducing superfluous accessories would be undermined (a motivation it has only recently used to justify removing chargers from iPhones ). Switching to USB-C, on the other hand, would have significant environmental benefits and would finally provide MacBooks and iPhones with a universal charging alternative.

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Will Apple MagSafe be able to charge through USB-C?

I would add a fourth reason to this list: On the surface, it seems logical. Apple has converted its MacBook Pro and iPad Pro models to USB-C in recent years since the connection is required for pros. So far, the strangest thing was the iPhone Pro-Line = Up. This month, Apple also announced that it is open to workarounds with a revised attitude on third-party iPhone repairs.

Of course, this is Apple, and it has long been assumed that the company’s desired path is to avoid USB-C totally and instead go portable with only MagSafe charging. As a result, a healthy dose of skepticism is advised. In any case, the iPhone 14 lineup is expected to be full of surprises, including major design changes, an enlarged new cheap model, the likely reintroduction of Touch ID, more camera enhancements, and a contentious pill-shaped hole for Pro versions.

It appears that Apple “thinks differently.”

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