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Huge Apple AirTag Software Update : TRACKING TURNS OFF in 3 steps? What has Apple to Say about it

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At Apple, we Introduce you to AirTag. We designed our product to help people locate their belongings, not track people or other person’s belongings. We condemn in the strongest possible terms any malicious use of our product.

Says Apple

Apple is working on several modifications, according to the documents, which include a potential switch to flat icons and an overhauled Dock that could show all applications at once. These changes won’t become apparent until Apple releases new iOS and iPadOS software updates, and the company has not revealed when those upgrades will be made available.

Quick Fixes for Airtags in 2022

  • When customers use AirTags on their iPhones and iPads, Apple will add additional pointed warnings regarding unwanted tracking.
  • If law enforcement is provided with identifying information about the owners of specific AirTags, they may “demand identifying information” about them.
  • With this software update, the “Unknown Accessory Detected” messages that some users have been receiving should become less frequent.

When the AirPods are removed, the battery drains in a few minutes. When you remove your AirPods after charging them, they usually die within 5-30 minutes depending on usage. The gadget will be labeled as “unknown” accessories if it can’t tell that the questionable device is actually a pair of AirPods.

Apple also stated that it is “investigating” potential software upgrades to be released later this year, several of which will make AirTags easier to locate.

People who own an iPhone 6 or future iPhones will be able to use an app called Find My to locate lost iPhones. This app will direct users to nearby iPhones that do not belong to them. Users will also be able to force iPhones to play an alarm sound.

a full-screen compass that directs you to nearby AirTags

People who get unwanted tracking alerts can make them harder to spot by playing a loud sound. They will be more noticeable than before.

Apple also said it would change the “logic” that determines when an AirTag, which is covertly carried in a vehicle, bag, or coat pocket, becomes apparent. After a period of eight to 24 hours without contact with its owner, AirTags start chirping and sending alerts to surrounding phones. Apple intends to notify customers “earlier” that an accessory is nearby.

In addition, the update will remove a pop-up notification from iPhones and iPads that warns users about leaving AirTags behind in public places.

Did Apple say Anything about Android for AIRTAGS?

Unsurprisingly, Apple’s response omits one crucial term: Android. While some of these upgrades will make AirTags more noticeable regardless of a person’s smartphone brand, Apple’s custom Tracker Detect app for Android still necessitates individuals to search for nearby AirTags manually.

For the millions of individuals in the United States who use Android phones and tablets, that means finding AirTags might still be difficult.

Apple’s recent AirTag software update will make it easier for law enforcement to identify which Apple device is being tracked. The upgrade also ensures that when an individual leaves their AirPods behind, the battery drains in a few minutes rather than hours.

While some of these upgrades will be available regardless of whether or not you’re using an iPhone 13, there are still several features that only work with this specific phone model – namely Find My and Tracker Detect.


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