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The Kingsman Credits Scene Explained: A Daring Joke From Vughn(the Director)

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The kingsman movie ends with a scene in which Orlando(Ralph Fiennes) and his accomplishments set up the kingsman agency and gets hold of the villain Morton also known as The Sheperd(Mathew Goode).

Filmmaker Mathew Vaughn’s movie “The King’s Man” is amazing. The prequel to the movie “Kingsman” franchise is set during world war I and shows the events leading to the creation of the kingsman private spy organization Obviously the movie franchise is a blend of historical movements and fiction.

The end scene reveals that despite Morton’s demise, his league of billions is not going anywhere-and Erik Jan Hanussen(Daniel Bruh) has replaced him as chief. More interesting, is that Hanusssen introduces his friend Vladimir Lenin(August Diehl) to another young man-Adolf Hitler.

The kingsman revolves around Orlando Oxford(Ralph Fiennes)as he matches his wit against an evil organization, led by The shepherd. The group is made of real-life historical figures including Vladimir Lenin, Rasputin, and Jan Hanussen. They conspired to create war tension in Europe and Russia by influencing world war I. After the end of the Kingsman movie, Orlando finds an organization to fulfill peace in Europe. The name of the agency is “preserving peace and protecting life”. They gather around the table in the Kingsman tea shop, thinking about the codename for everyone based on the legend of King Arthur(source-MYTVONLINE)

 In these end credit scenes, the new shepherd clearly sees Hitler as his potential ally, in his work to create war tension in Europe. He was impressed by Hitler’s presence at the association Tsar Nicholas II.

The end credit scene is obviously is a daring joke by the director, Vaughn from a story perspective. Obviously, the scene is a work of fiction because, in reality, Hitler didn’t force Kaiser William to abduct Romanovus nor did he meet Lenin. During Kingsman’s movie timeline, Hitler was a soldier in the Bavarian army. He was deployed on the Western block. When the Kaiser was abducted, Hitler was healing in the hospital after being temporarily blinded by a mustard attack. So there’s no chance of Hitler getting involved with Lennin.

Roomers are that the end credit scene is a hint of an upcoming Kingsman movie, the timeline will be around World war II where Hitler’s rise will also be shown as a leader. Though the director has not confirmed yet. During an interview with The Wrap, director Mathew Vaughn said,” I mean, if you think about it, they have two very extreme people on the left and extreme people on right, with this nut case in the middle, who’s taken over the shepherd, which is Daniel Bruhl”. He further said about the sequel of the film, ” But yeah, I mean when you look at history, that’s where I sort of got excited, when we were writing the script going, I couldn’t have ever created a character as interesting as Rasputin, let’s  just put in that way, that’s why I would love to go through each decade-because history has written these unbelievably great Heros and great villains which I would love to explore and bring to life in a different way.”

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