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Want a 4k Viewing Experience ! Here Epson Introduces Its Most Advanced Projector to Date

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Epson has introduced its most advanced projector to date. It is the most advanced home projector right now available in the market. The projector LS12000 combines with new light source processing algorithms and pixel-shifting technology. It aims to provide a ” Zero compromises” 4k image on the wall or screen. The name of the projector is- Epson Pro Ls12000 4k PRO-UHD Laser Projector”. 

Epson has used laser array light source and new-generation image enhancement and processing algorithms, HDR10+ and HDMI 2.1 support, and real-time scene adaptive correction in this New Projector. Epson’s Pro LS12000 Laser Projector makes incredible brightness, color accuracy, and image detail for an amazing 4k viewing experience and gaming experience, the company claimed.

Epson product manager, Rodrigo Catalon said,” Home Theater enthusiasts have been asking what’s next, and we are proud to deliver our best Pro Cinema Projector to date, producing a full 8.3 million pixels on a screen with zero compromises in color and brightness”. He also added, ” Engineered with creators in minds. the Epson Pro Cinema LS12000 sets a new technology benchmark for 4k HDR viewing experiences. It’s truly a ‘must-see it to believe it’s home theater experience’ “.

According to the company, viewers will have an amazing home theater experience with this projector. Its HDR10+ and HDMI 2.1 will give the viewer an amazing and clear viewing experience. Gamers will also be happy with this projector as it will provide them almost legging-free gaming experience.

Additional features of Epson LS12000 Laser Projector:

  • The advanced pixel-shifting technology works with three high-definition LCD chips to bring clear, sharp, and amazing 4k picture quality with color enhancement.
  • According to the company, this projector uses uniquely digital Precision shift technology. Glass plate preciously refracts pixel-light to display a 3840*2160, 8.24 million pixel image to produce clear 4k viewing images.
  • Epson’s most advanced technology, the 36-bit Epson ZX picture processor is used in this to handle real-time color, HDR, contrast, and resolution. It is the most advanced processor in the market right now.
  • 3-chip 3LCD projector engine is used for a quick turn on, color accuracy, black contrast, and brightness.
  • Amazing 2,700 lumens of color and 2,700 lumens of white brightness are used for any clear virtual theater experience in the home even in an ambient lit room.
  • A full 10-bit-HDR color processor is used in this processor by accepting 100% HDR source information to reproduce HDR, HDR10+, and HLG for exceptional viewing for the customers.
  • The refresh rate is up to 120 Hz to allow a smoother motion for the viewers.

According to Epson, Hardcore gamers will be very much delighted with this processor as gaming up to 4k at 120 frames per second and input lag below 20 ms.

Availability of Epson LS12000 laser Processor:

The Epson LS12000 4k Pro-Uhd laser processor is available is now available through Epson’s online store. Its price is about $4,999 dollars in the world. The projector includes ISF- certification and 2 years warranty with Epson’s world-famous services. They also provide lifetime customer services for this processor. For more details regarding shipping and purchasing visit Epson’s website

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