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Everything about Windfall-Netflix’s old school thriller(Review)

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Recently, Netflix has released a new old-school thriller movie named “Windfall”.  So in today’s article, we will talk about the movie and give you an honest review. Then you can decide if you want to watch it or not. With that said, let’s dive into the article.

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The Storyline:

Windfall begins with a thief who has broken into an empty villa. But before he can loot the place the owner and his wife show up there to spend a vacation. The owner is a big tech C.E.O and his wife is a housewife.

Then they face each other. Surprisingly nobody has a name in the movie. The thief hostage them in the villa with gunpoint. The tension in the room rises. The C.E.O somehow starts victimizing the thief as he is a big C.E.O.

During the conversation between him and the thief, he says that people are waiting for him to fall, that’s why he should ask for twice money.

On the other hand, the thief thinks he has a great understanding of human characteristics. During the movie, the idea of meritocracy is the main hostage.

You will see in the film the perks between the two characters. And the billionaire’s wife observes the whole situation quietly. Throughout the movie, she doesn’t talk much.

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Image credit-Netflix

The Characters of the film:

In the film, there are only three characters. Jesse Plemons(The Power of The Dog) plays the role of the billionaire. His acting in the movie is amazing. His wife’s character is played by Lily Collins(Emily in Paris) and the thief character is played by Jason Segel(The Muppets).

Lily has captured everyone’s heart with her tremendous acting in the film. While Jason has portrayed the character with much-needed meanness and skittishness.

Though throughout the film you will not see very much character development of these characters. It’s a slow pace thriller film with a slow storyline.

However, as an audience, you will see the perks and fights between the two male characters and the female is silently watching.

As the film progress, slowly they start to reveal their true self. Sometimes they reveal their nature though they don’t want to. So at the end of the film, you will witness completely different people compared to the first half of the film.

The film is directed by Charlie McDowell. And the script of the film is written by Justin Leader and Andrew Kelvin Walker. Therefore, the film mostly consists of male characters.

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As they confess back and forth their desires; what they want, how they want, and if they deserve it or not. On the other hand, the female leads sympathy shifts from time to time.

While watching the film, you will feel as if you are watching a single act play. But you will still get the feel of the cinema. The film is set in a single set-the villa with the orange surrounding. That’s why it generates a sympathetic feeling among the audience.

The cinematography of the film is amazing as well as the acting of the actors. As the story progress, the characters get messy. At the climax, you will witness violence. Though the original motive of the thief is not clear in the film.

Moreover, it’s a 90minute intense thrill movie. You will get the vibe of the early 90s. If you are someone who loves slow-paced thrilling movies then it is perfect for you. It can be perfect for the weekend. So why are you waiting! grab your popcorn and watch the film. The film is streaming on Netflix right now.

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