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Is Fortnite Game Maker Epic Increasing the Employment? Make Careers in Epic Games

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As we all are well informed about the tremendous and rapid growth in the digital sector and especially that sector where the new young talent emerges as gamers or web developers or app designers and so on. It is a shame that the huge firms are not able to invoke their talents and incorporate them into their own, it is both, a huge waste of potential and energy.

Epic Games are not to be defined as some ordinary game developer, after the success of FORTNITE, they went through overnight fame and reached great heights and now occupies about almost thirty percent of the usage of Google and Apple. PC and Mac gamers are likely familiar with Steam, which has dominated the online game distribution market for more than a decade. The Epic Games Store, which launched in late 2018, is much newer than Steam but quickly became a contender.

But the developer of the famous game FORTNITE, famous with the name EPIC is the first to be providing the temporary employees a full-time job!

Epic Games Careersepic games careers

Visit their linked in for many job updates and also visit their official website to get a lot of types of the job according to your profile, make sure to make your resume ready for the profile which you are looking for.

There has been a report in Verge that they will be providing an offer to the quality assurance (QA) testers and other than that they will be providing the ‘eligible’ workers with specific contracts. In an internal memo, it was stated that the company will be providing offers and contracts to the eligible US-based contingent workers and this scheme will hopefully come into force from 4th April 2022, Which according to them would be of huge benefit because as Epic claims that there are more than 500 billion game accounts and they are in the need of even more employees who would dedicate themselves for the betterment of this company.

This company, Epic has been working with many resources for the fame and usage of their game accounts irresistibly and got more and more people to sign in and make an account in these games, as it was launched in December, the year 2018. According to various resources, there has been a rumor that Epic might be giving away free accounts to users in the year 2022 and they will not regret the cost or the amount spent because according to them the cost is way less than the number of users signing in on their platforms.

Even during the era of Covid -19, the Epic games shifted its work-life to four days work per week plan and many employees have shifted to this plan and it all was beautifully executed without much resistance. Even when ‘Lux’ claimed to employ workers, they did mention that they would be hiring them for the short-term needs and requirements and according to the given deadlines and etc, but Epic has no such intention.

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