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Mary Jane Thomas, Wife of Hank Williams Jr., Has Passed Away.

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Mary Jane Thomas, the much-loved wife of country music legend Hank Williams Jr., has passed away at age 58 or 61 according to reports. The news was confirmed by TMZ on Wednesday morning (March 23).

Mildred Iram Hashman raised her family after divorcing from their father who left them with no money when he died in 1998; she worked as a nurse’s aide while raising 3 children – one being Country Music Hall Of Fame member Tennessee “Gentlemen” Teflon fishline even

Mary Jane Thomas, Wife of Hank Williams Jr., Has Passed Away.

The couple met at one of Williams’ concerts in 1985, and they spent more than three decades together after marrying in 1990. Though the pair separated seven years ago with reporting that he died on Tuesday (March 22) due to complications from an operation; 72-year old pianist Thomas Wills left behind his wife who is currently still living out their retirement days across America without him.”

Thomas was taken to the hospital after getting injured on Tuesday and later died. This does not seem like an intentional act according to police reports given that they were called out only for a possible blood clot at Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa around 5 p.m., but further investigation is needed before making assumptions about what happened between him/herself (or others) with potentially harmful substances such as drugs or alcohol in their system

This information came through TMZ’s staff member who confirmed it with sources close by; however, we cannot publish names due to these individuals not wanting attention drawn towards themselves

Thomas left behind a wife and four children. He was also grandfather to three grandchildren who are now without their loving father figure but will always remember him as “Willie” which means ‘God loves.

The family told TMZ they’d like privacy at this time; however, we understand that Mr. Thomas’ son Sam has said he plans on taking care of his half-sister (Katherine Diana)and her two kids from previous marriages alongside Williams’ own 3 offspring- ages 6 years old, 4 months & 2 days respectively !!!

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