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Missing Harmony Montgomery Case: Father’s Girlfriend Found Dead in Hotel Room, Controversy Revealed

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Kelsey Small, the 27-year old social media influencer and entrepreneur who skyrocketed to fame on Instagram before her death last year has been found dead. The cause of death is still under investigation but authorities believe it may have been due to accidental underlying medical conditions that were not fully exercising proper safety precautions while working consistently at high levels for extended periods without rest or vacations as well as obtaining an unnecessary amount of physical stress from traveling long distances between appearances which caused wasteful use energy resources leading up until exhaustion ultimately took over

Small, the girlfriend of Adam Montgomery — who was arrested in January two years after his daughter went missing without a trace—was found dead earlier this month. The news came as investigators confirmed that no signs were pointing towards any criminal activity or foul play associated with Small’s passing; however, they are still investigating what led up to her death and whether it might be related at all certainty arrangements for both funeral services (which will take place later).

Missing Harmony Montgomery Case: Father's Girlfriend Found Dead in Hotel Room, Controversy Revealed

The 27-year old woman who did not face charges in connection with Harmony’s case was found at a hotel on March 13, police told WMUR and Boston25 News. Her death is considered suspicious by both outlets but no further details were released regarding the circumstances surrounding it or how long she had been dead when discovered.”

The sudden and unexpected death of Small has left her friends, family members in shock. Her obituary states that she died from an illness with no mention given as to when or where this took place – only noting it was during “unfortunate circumstances.”

We have reached out to the Manchester Police Department for comment but did not immediately hear back.

There are still many people wondering about the fate of 5, who hasn’t been seen since late 2019.

When Harmony disappeared on December 31, 2021 authorities soon launched a search for her. In the meantime, police have interviewed several members of this girl’s family to find out what might have happened to her since she went missing

The Manchester Police Department announced they were investigating after learning that an “alert” was issued when someone knows where our child could be located or has seen them lately? We’re doing everything we can think up until now but it doesn’t look good- any information would help us

Less than two weeks after she was reported missing, Harmony’s biological father Adam 31 has been taken into custody on multiple counts.

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office announced that Adam was charged with felony second-degree assault in connection to his daughter. He also faces one misdemeanor charge of interference and two counts for endangering the welfare, all related Behavior Of Harmony Theta Jones

This content should not contain any information regarding what happened between him & her but just state facts only

Kevin, Harmony’s great uncle said that the little girl looked like a scared puppy when he last saw her in 2019. He continued to describe how she cowered under his feet during an argument with family members which frightened him even more than their fight did initially

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The family was in a dispute over the little girl, and Adam blocked most of his relatives from contacting her. She has not been seen since their argument ended with insults between both sides being traded tearfully before blocking each other out completely.

Just a week after Adam’s arrest, Harmony’s stepmom Kayla was also taken into custody and charged with one felony count of theft by deception. The reason for this crime? She admitted that it was fraudulent to receive public assistance funds in the form of food stamps or unemployment insurance when she didn’t need them– saving herself 636 dollars!

Moral: Sometimes people take advantage of others who are less fortunate because they can get away with anything – even committing crimes against their family members.”

She is accused of making intentionally false statements that Harmony was living in her home with her husband and their other children from February to March 2021. This allows the woman’s wife access funds reserved for only those who meet certain qualifications such as employed or unemployed status, among others things listed on an application form which you must complete if eligible under federal law (source).

Harmony’s dad and stepmom were evicted from their home in late November 2019, leaving her with two other children.

A Harmony appeared to be living at this Gilford Street address when they were removed by authorities on January 20th of this year according to the statement obtained through an anonymous source within law enforcement who wished not publicity given access beforehand but wanted to share details about what has happened thus far

The couple’s sudden disappearance convinced many of their friends and family that something was amiss. They finally filed a report with authorities after being mugged at gunpoint on Dec 10th

– Adam went missing for two days before turning up safe near an abandoned building downtown where he often goes during these times when people tend not to be around so much due to Christmas celebrations starting soon

The police believe that it was sometime during this window of approximately Nov. 28–Dec 10, 2019, when Harmony Montgomery disappeared

A missing person’s report was filed with the New Hampshire attorney general’s office on December 11th after authorities were alerted by her family about their concern for welfare due to lack of contact from them since November 18th when they last spoke with her over phone conversation which took place just two days before Thanksgiving holiday weekend begins here in America. At issue is what exactly happened between then and now? Why hasn’t there been any news nor evidence found thus far leading detectives down an investigation path already shaped

The police are looking for a little girl who stands 4 feet tall and weighs 50 lbs. She has a legally blind right eye, wears eyeglasses as well!

The information given in this passage might not sound too interesting but it’s important because there can be thousands of children missing every day without anyone noticing until they’re grown up into adults with families of their own – which means these individuals will never know what life could’ve been like if only things had worked out differently…

If you know anything about this crime, please call Manchester police at 603-668-8711 or crime line hotline numbers are available on their website here: http://www2s3k4 5 Caldwell st madison ma 01ref ed Support Our Troops Muity Town Center Courts blvd north branch city has been reported as being used by criminals in recent days

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