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Panchiko Season 1, Episode 4, Coming Out Soon!!!!know About Release Date and Interesting Updates .

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To the binge-watchers out there and the fans of pachinko drama, here are the updates about season1, episode 4. Yes, everyone is so curious to know what is coming up in the next episode.

Initially, the first three episodes of season 1 were released on March 25, 2022,  and the next episode is expected to be out on April 1 and the upcoming episodes in the next few weeks.

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Pachinko is a triaged masterpiece that reveals the survival of Korean immigrant families across four generations.

The plot is mainly based on Sunja, a modest teenager who goes through many circumstances and overcomes them. Her role was flawlessly played by Yu-na Jeon as a child and Youn Yuh Jung as an adult. This is a must-watch series to the binge-watchers and does enjoy watching this.


Sunja was initially in love with Hansu from Korea, she is likely to marry Isak as seen in the last episode. Sunja nods with tears when Isak proposes to her. Let’s see what happens in the upcoming episode

Brief about season 1, episode 1, 2, 3.

In episode 1, past events took place during the Japanese occupation of Korea which began in 1910. Sunja was in trouble closing the deal because an old woman refuses to sell the property and it goes on. episode 2 continues with some hidden romance and hence reveals the sad truth of having a wife and daughter in Alaska.

Poor Sunja was heartbroken and sobbed in silence as Hansu said marriage is impossible. EPISODE 3 discloses with the scenes of Isak entering into Sunja’s life and Solomon is known about Hannah who is missing for years. KYUNG HEE dies in episode 3 and ISAK was close to Sunja and proposes to her in episode 3

Release date of episode 4!!!!!

Fans are amazing and so eager by the previous episode. When is episode 4 coming out?? Not far away, the wait is over. EPISODE 4 of season 1 is to be out on APRIL 1, 2022. This series gained such popularity in recent times. Do watch the trailer below;


The first 3 episodes were released on 25 March 2022. Apple TV+ launches new episodes at midnight ET or 9 pm PT. Many OTT Platforms released the series. DO NOT MISS OUT!!!


Episode 1: Friday, March 25
Episode 2: Friday, March 25
Episode 3: Friday, March 25
Episode 4: Friday, April 1
Episode 5: Friday, April 8
Episode 6: Friday, April 15
Episode 7: Friday, April 22
Episode 8: Friday, April 29


The series stars Yuh-Jung Youn as “Older Sunja”; Lee Minho as “Hansu”; Jin Ha as “Solomon”; Minha Kim as “Teenage Sunja”; Anna Sawai as “Naomi”; Eunchae Jung as “Young Kyunghee”; Inji Jeong as “Yangjin”; Jimmi Simpson as “Tom Andrews”; Jun-woo Han as “Yosef”; Kaho Minami as “Etsuko”; Steve Sanghyun Noh as “Isak”; Soji Arai as “Mozasu”; and, Yu-na Jeon as “Young Sunja.”

Do watch and enjoy the favorites and keep in touch with us for more updates.

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