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The Band’s Fourth Member, Will Butler, Has Departed.

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The celebrated indie rockers, Arcade Fire have announced that Will Butler has quit the band after nearly 20 years. He joined their ranks in 2001 as one of three members on guitar and vocals alongside older brother Win who founded this Montreal-based group; he was also involved with Funeral which became an iconic 2004 debut album for them (and many other great bands).

A statement released by Avey Tare’s Nonesuch records announcing his departure reads: “After more than 18 months together, it feels like home—but not where you want to be.”

The band's fourth member, Will Butler, has departed.

Will Butler may no longer be in the band but fans can still enjoy their newest album. The Lightning I, II video was released on July 31 and features some great shots of lead singer Damien EKENE singing with other musicians behind him while playing guitar or keyboards!

The song ‘The Ligthning’ talks about how even though things change over time-we should always stay true to our self-worthiness despite any circumstance

In a series of tweets posted last night, former bandmate Butler announced that he has left the group and it’s time for new things. However, friend-family still exists between them!

“Hi friends— I’ve left Arcade Fire. It’s been a long time coming, but at this point in my life things are different than they were before- there was no acute reason beyond that which led me down an unfamiliar path–and the band had also changed drastically over 20 years’ worth of music too.”

He’s not done yet! In a series of subsequent tweets, Butler revealed that he’s working on new music and plans to release the follow-up album 2020’s generations.

The band's fourth member, Will Butler, has departed.

“Thanks to everyone who has come out, bought a record, or just loves our music. It means so much that you are part of this vision we’ve worked on for years- from the crew members up here at soundcheck before shows start every night till your favorite band member gets offstage after the last song is played; all those people helping make it happen behind scenes too– management/label folks etc., friends family!! Thank You!”

“The guys in my old homes still seem like good buddies when I see them around town but deep down inside they’re really just another buncha peers doing what needs to be done together because

The new album from Arcade Fire is set for release on May 6th and has been produced by resident husband/wife duo, Win Butler along with Régine Chassagne alongside Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich.

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