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Apple to introduce under-display touch ID in upcoming phones?

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To all the Apple enthusiasts out there if you are waiting for an under-display Touch ID in your favorite smartphone brand, then sorry to disappoint you but your wait can last more few years but it’s worth the wait, right? But it appears to have no near-future plans to introduce a display touch ID, Which is kind of bad since face ID isn’t that secure.

Image courtesy: XDA developers

Apple won’t release Touch ID iPhone under the screen anytime soon 

Well, we can’t deny the fact that Apple smartphones are great phones in the smartphone market. It doesn’t matter whether you are on the Android or iOS side, you can’t deny the fact that iPhone has the technology that almost every brand tries to compete against.

You will see a new feature in an iPhone and you will find that copied in many other phones next year. On the other hand, Apple takes quite a long time to jump to a new. Which androids have their way before Apple adapts them? It is because of this that the androids are having under-display touch ID since 2018.

When my phone jumped from touch ID to face ID in iPhone X, It claimed to have a lot of superiority. Face ID in Apple is much more secure than that on Android phones because Android only matches an optical likeness but, Apple does a more precise 3D scan.

Apple claims that there can only be a 1 in 10,00,000 chance of another person being able to unlock your iPhone with their face. Touch ID had 1 in 50,000 chances of error. So face ID is more secure.

Image courtesy: Reddit

While, yes, you can’t trick the phone by using a photo of the user of the phone but it can be unlocked by a person who has a similar face and this has been documented by Apple itself.

And also apple hasn’t shown or hinted any interest in bringing back touch ID. So, let’s just wait and watch what the mega-brand has for us.

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