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Eddie Deez’ Arrest for Burglary and Trespassing Was Made Public This Week. He Allegedly Broke Into a Nursing Home.

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Eddie Deez' Arrest for Burglary and Trespassing Was Made Public This Week. He Allegedly Broke Into a Nursing Home.

The actor Eddie Deezen was arrested earlier this month after he forced his way into a nursing home.

It’s not clear what motive the 57-year-old had for sneaking into an occupied building, but state police say that when somebody informed him no one would be able to help him because it closed at 7 pm on weekends and Monday morning–that didn’t stop them! He pushy pushed past security alarms until they finally caught up with him inside one of those hellish NBC hospitals from The Bad News Bears movie — oh wait…I’m sorry; I forgot we were talking about someone who used their physicality as comedy gold decades ago: the wrong script!–and refused demands by workers there just let go without resolution

The woman told cops that Eddie almost forced his way into one of the rooms before getting kicked out, but she said he refused to leave and got arrested when officers showed up.

When police were called to the scene of an abandoned building for a report on Friday, they found the one suspect still inside and another just leaving. The duo had been seen visiting this location earlier in the day but when night fell came back again later on as stated by witness accounts from neighbors who noticed them coming back at around 10 pm or so according to reports made available early today morning (June 2nd).

The neighbor who lives next door to where Eddie was caught on video trying to burglarize his house says that when police arrived, he told them everything. The suspect is now charged with four counts of fourth-degree burglary as well two counts each for Entering or Annoying another Person in their Home and DisturbingThePeace!.

Last year, Eddie was involved in a strange situation when a Maryland waitress accused him of being creepy and harassing her. He went on social media to defend himself by claiming that the woman’s story is just lies – but according to reports from The Smoking Gun, law enforcement officers viewed surveillance video which clearly showed otherwise! Law enforcement then arrested 46-year old Delray Beach resident Edward Toney for Disorderly Conduct after he caused quite a disturbance at O’Shaughnessy’s Restaurant located inside Millington Exchange complex near Bay Bridge.

It has come to our attention that many people are claiming they’re close with Eddie. We would like you all to know he battles issues and his family is doing whatever it can for him, even if things don’t look bright at the moment!

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