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Elden Ring wants you to be less stress about life! Interesting jokes in Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring is a very famous action role-playing game. From Software has developed the game in such a way that has gained love from the gamers on a huge scale. However, after just being launched a few weeks ago it has already sold a million copies.

From Software has made this game in an amazing way. While playing the game, you will be mesmerized by the graphics, and also its the storyline is also quite good. In the game, you have to fight bosses for your survival.

While roaming the land in the game, you can get different types of weapons, and magic spells, and you can also summon different things for help. The game is written by Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R Martin. And directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki. Elden Ring is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, and Xbox X/S for players.

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Moreover, Elder Ring also teaches us not to take life too seriously. Nowadays we all are very busy with our lives and sometimes we forget to smile. But these gothic games show us to take life easily.

Elden Ring is also the same. While playing the game, you will face hardels but it’s up to you how you take it. Comedy is subjective but it is also a form of socializing. Some study shows that a smile also helps to reduce stress.

So let’s discuss how Elden Ring has used comedy in the game set up-

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As per Polygon, Elden Ring is the funniest game that has come out after a long time. Therefore the soul games have a very aesthetic, grim atmosphere. There are several destructed cities, piles of dead bodies, warriors weeping over their dead companions, and also big hats in the game.

Here the developers have used absurd comedy. Absurd comedy happens mostly when the world is disrupted. While paying in the game if you think you know the game world then you are making mistake. Something happens there and messes up everything.

Elden Ring touches the absurdity level really well. While playing the game you won’t find much logic. Here the logic is changing consistently. In Elden ring, you will find giant monsters riding tiny horses.

It’s very funny. But however, you need to have that kind of sense of humor so you can find it funny. Otherwise, if someone doesn’t understand the concept of absurd comedy then to him/her these things won’t be funny.

Moreover, in comedy surprise also plays a major role because comedy is not funny when you see it coming. Elden Ring has an insane amount of difficulty. Here you won’t find handrails and else you will lose. So hardness is also a good comedy element because either you can laugh about your failure or you can get frustrated.

The studio, From Software, has mastered this art perfectly. Moreover, here you get unexpected surprises which are also comical. Like you see a giant box full of weapons in the middle of nowhere and you go there to collect them. But you know there must be a catch.

So you just wait there in suspense and suddenly a monster comes out of nowhere and hit you. That’s why this sudden movement can be comical.

However, Elden Ring shows us that being too serious about life will get you in trouble. So sometimes you need to lose yourself and take life as it comes.

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