Elite Season 4 Ending Review: Who Killed Armando in Elite? Real victim revealed!

Toward the finish of the Élite Season 4 debut, we discover that the young lady who nearly passed on in by the Lake Club is, as a matter of fact, a Who Killed Armando in Elite?new young lady Ari (Carla Díaz).

The superb suspects for driving her into the water appear to be our young men Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau) and Samuel (Itzan Escamilla). As the season advances, we learn Guzmán and Samu’s kinship went under strain when the two of them succumbed to the new princess of Las Encinas.

However, could desire to drive both of our legends to endeavor to kill? Is what has been going on with Ari the very most recent in a series of errors in Élite? No, and yes!

Who Murdered Armando?

It’s the fifth time Netflix’s Spanish youngster show “Tiptop.” Samuel and Benjamin need to manage what has been going on with Armando. To try not to get found out, he overreacts and requests help from his companion. Samuel tells the police lieutenant that he killed Armando to keep Benjamn out of the official’s eyes.

This is the manner by which it works: However, Samuel’s story isn’t correct in any way. Similarly that Benjamin is interested in the genuine personality of Armando’s executioner, one should ponder something similar.

In all honesty, however, for once the criminal investigators in Élite could have been on to something by reducing the suspects to Samuel and Guzmán.

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No, Samuel was not on the docks. He truly didn’t see Ari’s alcoholic message imploring him to meet her after the New Years’ Eve firecrackers. Yet, Guzmán did. that not just encouraged the young men’s plastered fight at the Lake Club, but, ended up pulling Guzmán to the docks to face Ari.

Whenever Ari sees Armando irritating her sister Mencía (Martina Cariddi) at the Lake Club, she gets that Rebe (Claudia Salas) has been coming clean about Mencía falling into the existence of prostitution for the influential man.

That, yet seeing him in trouble Mencía moves Ari to go up against him. The more seasoned man before long overwhelms the modest teenager and chokes her almost to death.

Who is the real victim?

At the outset, Ari didn’t realize that Armando was manhandling her sister Menca. At the point when she found out, she educated Armando. Ari tells Armando that Benjamn will rebuff him for what he did, just for him to say that he needn’t bother with her. In any event, when Ari is oblivious, he actually hits her.

Guzmán goes to the dock to mind Ari, just to see Armando hurt her. A flare firearm is utilized to take shots at Armando.

He pursues Armando and kills him with it. It’s difficult for Guzmán to allow Armando to hurt Ari. So he chooses to take the victimizer’s life by killing him. Samuel and Rebeka assist Guzmán with dealing with the dead body so he will not be accused of homicide.

Guzmán, Samuel, and Rebeka tie Armando’s body and dumps it in the lake. Impacted by the injury of killing somebody, Guzmán chooses to go for a long excursion, joined by Ander. Samuel and Rebeka keep on supporting the feeling that Armando is in a hurry to ensure that a homicide examination won’t be started to hurt their companion.

Notwithstanding, their assumptions change when Armando’s body reemerges, compelling Samuel to report it to the police because of Omar’s demand. The police start a conventional examination and suspect Benjamín of killing Armando, particularly subsequent to thinking about him getting back at Armando for harming his little girl

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