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In Hallmark’s “Love, Classified,” Katherine McNamara and Melora Hardin Discuss Being “Surprised by Love.” (Video)

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In Hallmark's "Love, Classified," Katherine Mcnamara and Melora Hardin Discuss Being "Surprised by Love." (Video)

The season of love is here and Hallmark Channel has a bunch of new movies for you to enjoy! First up, we’re checking out “Love In The Air” with our favorite couple from 90s rom-com – gratisnex! It’s time to get your minds blown by this one-part comedy about two people who meet online but don’t realize they live fate until it becomes too late. And then there’s Classified which sounds like an interesting story about secret missions during wartime…

Emilia Bloom, a single mother who has been away from her children for years returns to the small town she left. She’s there not only to see what they’ve grown into but also to promote one of many successful romance novels that document all their adventures while she was gone-it turns out to be an author’s local favorite! Another motivator: Emilia faces health concerns that cause perspective changes about how she feels towards life outside work…

The relationship between Will Taylor and his mother, Figgy pit-bull Joelle is strained after she returns from prison. The two have a difficult time getting along with each other which creates even more tension when it’s discovered that Joelle has been intimate with another family member during her stay behind bars!

Taylor has been pouring her entire heart and soul into Bloomeria. She’s always worked hard, but lately, it’s felt like there is more pressure on her than ever before- not only from family members who want what they feel are “enough” excuses for why she can’t do something; also having to deal with the loss of both parents over separate periods has left its mark – especially considering how little time we get together nowadays due either traveling abroad or being too busy working at home alone while juggling freelance writing jobs alongside maintaining a social life outside work hours…

Taylor is ready for a change. She downloads an app and surprises herself when she makes a love connection with Franki (Arienne Mandi), the female cardiologist from Schitt’s Creek! This movie does something very similar in that it allows these characters to be surprised by their feelings of affection towards one another–the fact that Taylor will take such a risk shows how much faith she has inside herself; I think everyone can learn something new if they just open themselves up enough

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