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Mark Zuckerberg Wants You to Join Metaverse; So They Have Launched 12 Virtual Games for You. Here’s a Complete List for You.

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During the event, Meta’s spokesperson informed the world that Metaverse will come in the next 5-10 years. Due to technical aspects and hardware aspects, the company needs more time to create Metaverse. So Metaverse lovers have to wait another decade to experience virtual reality.

During the event, the presenter from Meta company also stated the fact they have created a few virtual reality games so that people can experience virtual reality. As per the company, many people will come to join the metaverse via games.

The spokesperson also claims that Metaverse will become the next generation of the internet for the new generation. He also stated the fact that the Games have so many qualities that match their vision such as virtual reality, and three-dimensional spaces.

Let’s take a look at the list of the games:

GhostBuster VR:

At the end of the game quest, Meta announced the launch of their GhostBuster Virtual game. This game is inspired by 1984’s Ghostbusters franchise. However, there are many games that are inspired by GhostBusters. But Meta’s version will allow the players to play in the first person.

They can play alone or with groups. As per the trailer, the game is set in San Francisco and players are trying to find the ghosts to kill. As per the sources, the Ghostbusters launch was Mark Zuckerberg’s favorite event of that day.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners-Chapter 2:Retribution:


The television series The Walking Dead is currently approaching its 11th season. Many game companies have adapted this series and turned it into a game.

Meta is no exception. In 2020, the first part of the game was released. And this year part two will be released. In part one, the gameplay was pretty good. And in the part two trailer, the cinematography is amazing, here characters are making their way through the zombies by shooting them. Right we don’t know which devices will support the walking Dead: Saints and Sinners-Chapter 2.



If you are someone who wants to feel the thrill of playing football without getting physical damage theN Meta has a solution for you. NFL PRO ERA wants to provide you with the thrill of playing football in Virtual reality. status Pro has developed the game. And it is the first official game that is recognized and licensed by NFL. Here you can pretend to throw the ball toward their real-life favorite heroes.

 Among Us VR:


During lockdown in 2020, Among Us was a huge hit among gamers. Even rapper Logic, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez also played this game. So this year the VR version of Among Us is scheduled to launch on the Meta Quest store. In this version, players will play in the first person. They will also control the navigation and colorful crewmates from the first-person perspective.

Other games on the list are-

  • Moss: Book II
  • Red Matter
  • Espire 2
  • Cities: VR
  • Resident Evil 4- The Mercenaries
  • Beat Saber
  • Bonelab

Moreover, let’s wait for the games to launch in stores. So you guys will be able to enjoy virtual reality.

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