PlayStation Neo VS Xbox Scorpio: Reasons Why Xbox Scorpio May Be Better Than PlayStation 4 Neo

Reasons Why Xbox Scorpio May Be Better Than PlayStation 4 Neo

Well, the battle between Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox is endless. Keyboard warriors on the Internet debate and even fight for the console they prefer. The new upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft are again competing against each other. Microsoft claims that the Xbox Scorpio will be the fastest console ever made, but is it really true? So let’s cut straight to the chase! Here are the reasons why Xbox Scorpio may be better than PlayStation 4 Neo.

Xbox Scorpio is a Redesign:

Reasons Why Xbox Scorpio May Be Better Than PlayStation 4 Neo

While both consoles are said to be 4K and VR capable, we all know that the Xbox Scorpio is a complete redesign of the Xbox One, with very powerful specs and functions. PlayStation 4 Neo is a refresh of the PlayStation 4. PS4 Neo is not a redesign, but a mid-generation refresh of the PS4. It will be a high-end 4K capable alternative to the PS4.

The leaked specs of the PS4 Neo suggest that the console is going to feature the same 8-core AMD processor as the PS4 but clocked at 2.1GHz instead of 1.6GHz. Also, the leaks suggest that the RAM will also be the same as the PS4 (8GB GDDR5) but with higher speed of 218 GB/s instead of 176 GB/s. These leaks all suggest that the PS4 Neo is designed from the original PS4. However, the GPU in the PS4 Neo will be improved to handle 4K and VR.

On the other hand, the Xbox Scorpio is a full redesign. It is also likely that the Xbox Scorpio will be powered by AMD’s upcoming “Polaris” and “Zen” architectures. All these contribute to the fact that the PS4 Neo is based on PS4 but the Xbox Scorpio is a complete redesign.

Playstation Neo VS Xbox Scorpio

The main difference between PlayStation neo vs Xbox Scorpio is the PS4 has been out for a while now, with two different versions. You can get the standard model that only supports HDR and high-dynamic range (which improves dark areas in games), or you could go for one of their newest models called “the Pro.” These offer 4K resolution!

Microsoft has three Xbox One variations. The base model is comparable to the Playstation 4, while S models offer HDR compatibility and 4K resolution at 60 fps; this makes them on-par with PS4 Pro consoles in terms of power but more versatile than Sony’s offerings because they can play all your games without any issues no matter what kind you prefer: first-person shooter or puzzle adventure? There’s an option for everyone!

Xbox Scorpio Has More TeraFLOPS:

Reasons Why Xbox Scorpio May Be Better Than PlayStation 4 Neo

The Xbox Scorpio is more powerful than the PS4 Neo. According to Microsoft, the Xbox Scorpio is going to have 6 TFLOPS of power. Compared to the PS4 Neo’s measly 4.14 TFLOPS, the Xbox Scorpio is definitely more powerful. More TFLOPS mean better performance and higher FPS. The Xbox Scorpio, specs-wise, is more powerful than the PS4 Neo. The specs of both consoles are currently not confirmed but judging from the TFLOPS, the Xbox Scorpio obviously has better hardware.

Xbox Scorpio is Coming Sooner:

Reasons Why Xbox Scorpio May Be Better Than PlayStation 4 Neo

Microsoft showed off the renders of the circuit board of the Xbox Scorpio at E3. And guess what, we’ve seen nothing like this from Sony’s PS4 Neo. This means that the Xbox Scorpio is closer to existence. We’ll probably see the Xbox Scorpio in 2017. However, some reports do suggest that Sony will reveal (or even launch) the PS4 Neo this year, but it is highly unlikely.


Better VR Support:

Reasons Why Xbox Scorpio May Be Better Than PlayStation 4 Neo

While the PlayStation VR’s pre-order stock sold out in minutes after going live, the VR Support of the Xbox Scorpio is better. Microsoft can team up with any VR company they like. But they haven’t set their eyes on anything yet. Microsoft can pick the best VR headset for the Xbox Scorpio. We may even see HoloLens support for the Xbox Scorpio. It is likely that Microsoft will partner with Oculus for VR on the Xbox Scorpio. On the other hand, Sony is stuck with the PS VR. The VR performance of both consoles isn’t known yet. But the Xbox Scorpio may run VR better due to more-powerful hardware and possibly better VR headsets.

Microsoft is Trying Hard to Win:

Reasons Why Xbox Scorpio May Be Better Than PlayStation 4 Neo

The Xbox One only sold half as many units as the PS4. And we all know that the PS4 is a bigger marketing success than the Xbox One. However, this time, Microsoft’s masterminds, Major Nelson and Phil Spencer will not allow history to repeat itself. Microsoft just bought LinkedIn for $26 Billion they can certainly run huge marketing campaigns to boost the sales of the upcoming Xbox.

Xbox Play Anywhere:

Reasons Why Xbox Scorpio May Be Better Than PlayStation 4 Neo

At E3, Microsoft announced their “Xbox Play Anywhere” program. This means that the game library of the Xbox consoles and PC are going to be shared. You can buy one game digitally from Xbox and then log in to your Xbox account on a PC and the game you purchased will appear on the PC too. Also, all Xbox exclusives will come on PC too. So people who are Xbox and PC gamers can buy a game on one platform and enjoy on the other too, for free.

The competition between the Xbox Scorpio and the PS4 Neo is tough. Both have their own pros and cons. So yeah, its still pretty early to decide anything yet.

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  1. besides Xbox play anywhere… NONE of these things are points!!! we LITERALLY dont know anything about the PS4Neo and we literally know less than 10% about the Xbox One Scorpio so how you’ve made this stupid article! And i’ve seen your stupid ‘justifications’ on N4G but like i said they’re stupid! We know NOTHING about PS4Neo and hardly anything about the Scorpio! You might as well make a list on ‘5 Reasons Area 51 is better kept secret than the krabby patty secret formula’!! ¬_____¬

  2. publication a bullshit… They maybe be are of equal power
    XPA – already canceled
    Xbox Scorpio is Coming Sooner? Seriously?
    PS4 Neo must to put into production before the end of the year – A.House says…
    learn how to read and analyze


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