Snapchat Now Allows You to Add YouTube Videos to Your Snaps as a Sticker.

There will be no more duplicating and pasting.

Snapchat has made it easy to share YouTube videos directly from your snap or story, eliminating the need to copy, paste, and attach the footage as a link (via Android Police). Respectively Android and iOS users can use the feature.

All you have to do now is go to the YouTube video we want to share, click “Share,” and then choose “Snapchat.” Snapchat will open, and the video will appear as its own sticker in your camera, complete with the video’s name, thumbnail, and creator.

After you’ve taken your photo or video, you can play about with the size, rotation, and placement of the sticker on the screen. Anyone who sees your snaps or story can open the link and watch the video on YouTube or in their internet browser.

If you’ve ever tried to incorporate a YouTube video in a Snapchat photo or video, you’ll remember having to copy the hyperlink from YouTube and then open Snapchat, where you’d shoot your photo or video, tap the paperclip button, and ctrl v in (or give Snapchat access to your clipboard).

The video would be shown as an exactly what needs banner with a small thumbnail and the video’s title.

You may still use this method to add YouTube videos, but it doesn’t look as nice in my opinion as this YouTube-specific patch. The new sticker provides a clearer view of the video’s thumbnail and actually displays the name of the video’s author, whereas the old link format did not include that — often vital — piece of information.

In 2020, Snapchat released a sticker for tweets, allowing you to avoid transmitting screenshots of tweets or, god forbid, photographing a tweet on your pc screen.

Step 1: On your phone, open the YouTube app and select a video to share.

Step 2: Go to the bottom of the video, click Share, and then select the Snapchat icon.

Step 3: The YouTube video appears as a sticker on the Snapchat camera interface.

Step 4: Apply effects and filters to the YouTube video that has been shared.

Step 5: After you’ve finished editing the video, press the camera button.

Step 6: On Snapchat, the video is stored as a Snap.

With the recent YouTube-Snapchat integration, more individuals will be able to join Snapchat, which already has millions of users, particularly in India, where Snapchat has flourished as a social media platform for the youth thanks to regionalized filters and content.

YouTube is watched by billions of people across the world, so making its content available on Snapchat is a wise move that will encourage more people to use the app.

And learn how it differs from some other social media apps available for cellphones today.

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