18 Years After Graduating… Here’s How 18 Celebrities in 20 Years Can Differentiate Between a Degree in Easy and Hard

Let’s be clear: there is no such thing as an easy bachelor’s degree before we get into our list of the simplest college degrees. To complete any degree programme, you must put in a lot of time and effort.

As a disclaimer, this article explains the simplest majors, why they’re easy, and what your job future would look like if you take one of these college degrees.

Easy Majors to Learn in College: The 10 Easiest


Human psychology is the focus of psychology majors. You’ll get a better understanding of human behaviour and the underlying motives and desires that drive them. Among the abilities, you’ll master as a psychology students are critical thinking and effective communication.

As a psychology student, you might expect to take some introductory statistics and analytic classes. If you decide to continue your education beyond a bachelor’s degree, you will have to take more challenging courses.
The typical pay for psychology degrees is $57,000, making it an excellent career choice for those wishing to increase their income.

Criminal Justice

If you want to work in the safety and security industry, a criminal justice degree is a must-have. The average annual salary for criminal justice majors is $49,000 or more. A criminal justice investigator can work as a police officer, a probation officer, a private investigator, or any combination of these professions in the justice system.

Because they require less reading and writing than other fields, criminal justice degrees tend to be more accessible.


A degree in English may be right for you if you enjoy reading and critiquing literary works. The fact that English majors have so many options for a job is both a blessing and a curse. It may be difficult to focus on a single vocation even though you have a wide range of transferable talents.

English. Open book with language hand-drawn doodles and lettering on yellow background. Education vector illustration.

The math and science subjects won’t be required of you as an English major. Shorter, analytical papers may take up more of your time than longer, research articles, depending on your course of study.

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The median yearly salary for English majors is $55,000.


You can become a teacher if you study education. You can specialise in special education, elementary education, or secondary education if you are a student in the field of education. You’ll learn how to be an excellent teacher, pick a specialisation, and practise a lot during this programme.

Due to their concentration on educational theory and hands-on practice, education degrees are simpler than those in other fields. Education majors receive an average salary of $55,00 a year, even though they may have to work as student teachers for a year following graduation.

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Social Work

You can make a difference in the world by pursuing a social work degree. You’ll study how to serve the most disadvantaged members of society as a social work major.

Higher-level math and science classes aren’t often required for degrees in social work, making it simpler for students to maintain a good GPA. As a social worker, you can expect to make $49,000 per year.


Sociology students collect and analyze data to better understand human behavior. Human resources, market research, and more can benefit from your knowledge of human relationships.

Sociology is a relatively easy subject because it doesn’t demand a lot of heavy reading or significant writing projects. The average income for sociology majors is $56,000.


Journalism, public relations, and marketing are just a few of the topics you’ll cover as a communications major. With a communications degree, you’ll gain a wide range of skills that can help you land a career in a variety of industries.

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Because you won’t be required to take advanced science, math, or writing courses, a communications degree is more accessible.

Graduates with a degree in communication studies typically make around $60,000 per year.


From the beginning of time to the present day, history students study events that have shaped the world around them. You’ll gain analytical skills and a better understanding of history as a history major.

Because of the lack of lab work and technical writing, history majors may be deemed simpler than other disciplines. As a history major, you’ll spend a lot of time reading and writing about the past.

From lawyers to teachers, history majors can choose from a variety of professions. The average annual salary for a history major is $62,000.


Those interested in a career in health care may choose to study health science or health administration. A bachelor’s degree in health is a suitable starting point for a career in physical or occupational therapy, both of which need master’s degrees.

A health degree is less difficult than a degree in life or physical sciences. There is a greater emphasis on the theory of science as a health major, as opposed to statistics, lab work, and analysis. Health majors are easier to get into healthcare because of the lower level of science required.

The average pay for a health major is $60,000 per year.

Creative Writing

Students who pursue a degree in creative writing will learn valuable communication skills such as analyzing and creating their work as well as receiving comments from their peers.

You’ll spend less time in the lab and don’t have to worry about taking advanced math courses if you choose a creative writing degree. The average salary for a creative writing degree is $50,000.

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